Best country to study Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programs abroad for Indian students

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 13 Jun 2023        
Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen subject and a mechanical engineer is always in demand only. A mechanical engineering course deals with machines, their designing, working and maintenance.

In every country there will be many industries and any type of industry requires mechanical engineers in their running and maintenance. That is why the chances of getting a job are pretty high. But the salary will depend upon the organisation.

Mechanical engineers can also work in IT-related fields and I know many mechanical and Production engineers working in software companies. Mechanical Engineers will have jobs in all types of industries starting from a workshop to missile-making.

There are many universities and colleges in India where the best amenities are available for a mechanical engineering student. IITs, NITs, BITs, VIT etc, are some institutes in India.

There are many other countries where the best universities are available. Best coaching as well as hands-on training will also be provided to the students in the institutes. .

The best will vary from person to person. Generally, we think of going and settling in a new place we think about the lifestyle, culture, climate etc. In the same way, the candidate has to take these conditions also into consideration while deciding on the best country. Not only the university and the facilities it is provided but also the outside university life is also very important. A candidate may get settled there in a job after completing the course. Above all the expenses are also to be taken into consideration. Again the best depends on the reputation of the university and the course content also.

So I always suggest students study carefully about the institute as well as the country before finalising a country. A student can shortlist the universities in different countries and study about those institutions through their website. They can also talk to any student studying there or even they can contact the concerned person based on the contact details given on their website and get all the required information. Then they can compare and take a decision. In many universities, there will be associations of foreign students and if contact can be made with them, we can get details from them also.

With the above information, I give some countries which are good destinations for mechanical engineering.

1. Germany: Germany is an advanced country and there are many world-class industries in mechanical engineering in this country. BMW cars are from this country. Volkswagen is also from this country only. The demand for mechanical engineers is high in this country. So one can think of this country as doing their BE/B Tech here. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Munich (TUM), and Humboldt University of Berlin are considered good institutes in this country.

2. The united states of America: There are many universities in this continent which offer quality education in the field of mechanical engineering. Internship options. Research options and job options are high in this country. Purdue University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are very popular. One of my relatives studied at Purdue University and settled there.

3. England: It is also a good destination for mechanical engineering courses. Another advantage of studying here is the expenses are less when compared to other popular destinations. The University of Lincoln and the University of Oxford are very famous for BE in mechanical engineering, I understand
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