Best MBA specialization to study abroad in the UK

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 04 May 2023        
It is certain that an MBA from a standard business school will add value to the person. The chances of getting excellent jobs with good pay and perks will be higher for a person with having MBA degree from a reputed institution, as far as my knowledge goes.

There are many world-class institutions for studying MBA in the UK, I understand.

Going through their old record and information from different sources made me believe that the following three are among the best institutes not only in the UK but also across the world.

1. London Business School
2. University of Oxford
3. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Many people try to go to these institutions to obtain their MBA degrees but are unable to obtain a seat. In my opinion, if a person gets a seat in any of the three institutions irrespective of the specialisation, the future of the candidate will be glorious only.

There are many specializations in MBA. Every specialization will have its positives. But the interest of the students, the career goals of the individual and the aspirations of the individual should be known to suggest the best specialisation, I feel. A person who wants to work in the area of marketing should go for an MBA in marketing. If the candidate is interested in operations management, he should go for MBA in operations management. So the best specialisation will never be the same for all, I feel.

The following are the important specialisations in MBA available in the UK, in my view.

1. Finance and Accounting: This specification is preferred by many in the UK institutes as opportunities for field exposure will be high in this country as there are many corporate companies having their offices in the country.

2. Marketing: Marketing is very important for any organisation as the growth of the organisation depends on marketing only. So an MBA with a marketing specialisation is always in demand irrespective of the country.

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: This specification will allow a person to understand the problems and solutions for an entrepreneur. After completing MBA if somebody wants to go for their own business, may opt for this specialisation.

4. International Business: This specification deals with understanding the global position of the business. In addition to that, this will give knowledge to the candidate to understand the cultural issues of different countries in which a company operates.

5. Project Management: This is also one of the best specialisations which teaches the students about leadership qualities and problem-solving techniques. This specialisation prepares the candidate to decisively and strategically implement a business plan on time and also to maintain business profitability effectively.

To single out a specialisation from the above is very difficult, as far as my knowledge goes. A person who likes to travel extensively can opt for Marketing or international marketing specialization. A person who wants to go for his. her own business may opt for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. An individual who wants a static job with a lot of scope and challenge may opt for project management. A person who has an interest in finance may go for that specialisation. All specialisations are equally rewarding provided the candidate is focussed on attaining the goals and loyal to the company he is working for. This is what I believe.
Author: NAVCHETAN KUMAR      Post Date: 11 May 2023        
There are several MBA specialisations that you can consider studying abroad in UK. Here are some popular specialisations that are in high demand in the UK job market if you wish you get a job there after your study:

1. Finance: An MBA in Finance can prepare you for a career in corporate finance, investment banking, asset management, and financial consulting.

2. Marketing: An MBA in Marketing can prepare you for a career in brand management, advertising, market research, digital marketing, and sales.

3. International Business: An MBA in International Business can prepare you for a career in global business, international trade, cross-cultural management, and international marketing.

4. Entrepreneurship: An MBA in Entrepreneurship can prepare you for a career as an entrepreneur, business owner, or startup consultant.

5. Operations Management: An MBA in Operations Management can prepare you for a career in supply chain management, logistics, manufacturing, and project management.

I would suggest you to choose a specialisation that aligns with your interests, skills, and career aspirations. Consider researching the curriculum, faculty, and alumni network of different MBA programs in the UK to determine which program best suits your goals. It's also important to consider the location, reputation, and cost of the program when making a decision.
Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 27 Apr 2023        
One of my colleagues completed his MBA in General Management in the UK through the company's expenses and working with us as a Project Manager in India. I am giving hereunder the list of best MBA specializations to study abroad in the UK to get a good salary in Abroad and India:

  • MBA in General Management

  • MBA in Business Strategy

  • MBA in Marketing

  • MBA in Finance

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

  • MBA in Human Resources

  • MBA in Operations Management

  • MBA in Consulting

  • MBA in Accounting

  • MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainability

These are the list of MBA specializations to study abroad in the UK
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