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Things to know while keeping a lovebird

Lovebirds add to the beauty of your home. They make you happy and engaged. Keeping a lovebird is not as easy as you think. Building a good birdhouse, providing good food and taking care of lovebirds is necessary. This article provides a complete insights to the things you must take care of while keeping a lovebird.

Software Testing and its importance – A birds eye view

We all use different types of software in our day to day life to make our work easy. But what if a new software we are trying to use has a problem and is not able to serve our purpose? How do companies releasing software into the market ensure that their software will meet the user expectations and is free from the defects? This is where the software testing pitches in. Let's try to understand software testing from layman's perspective in this article.

The story of an entrapped bird

When life becomes miserable and everything around seems monotonous, it's always better to sit still and decide how to proceed. Failure may cage one but there is always a way to get rid of that. One thing has to be kept in mind that if bad days are there then good days are also waiting.

Bird-watching in and around Delhi

Although Delhi is being urbanized rapidly, there are still some places in around the city where different species of birds can be seen. During the winter months, many migratory birds can also be seen in these spots. The author has written about six such spots around Delhi where the bird-watchers can enjoy watching different species of birds.

Communication by birds in Tamil Literature

People must be familiar with the communication used by Kalidasa in Sanskrit where he had used Cloud as a messenger in his Meghaduth. Here is the article on Tamil scholars used the birds as communication messenger in love, friendship etc., Please read on.

The Emu- Flightless Bird

In this article I described about the world popular bird and the second largest flightless bird the Emu. The emu poultry is common in these days. It emu bird gives much profit to the people. The emu had its origin about 80 million years ago where Aborigiens used the bird for the food, shelter and clothings. We see much more about the bird here in this article.

Characteristics Of Flamingos And What Makes Them Different From Other Birds

In this article on flamingos, I have written about the unique features of these birds, with respect to their plumage colouring, their feeding habits and the way they take care of their young. Some close relatives of these birds are also listed. The significance of flamingos for different ancient cultures has also been mentioned.

How Birds Perform Feats Similar To A Fighter Planes?

The display of the lip biting thrilling feats and actions that are displayed on the 26th January by the IAF planes are more or less similar to those observed in birds. Not only this, the memory power of birds is also is not in any way lesser than the computers of the fighter planes. Let’s know something about this peculiarity of birds through this writing.

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