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What are the risks of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a killer disease all over the world. Blood pressure kills a person with in few hours, if the treatment is delayed. Some times, Due to blood pressure sudden heart attack leads to death. In this article, the causes, symptoms and risks of blood pressure are listed to create awareness about the killer disease.

How To Control Low Blood Pressure?

Generally people don’t take hypertension (low pressure) seriously. They have many misconceptions also on this count in their . But when not treated well on time, low blood pressure can give invitations to several disorders. Hence it is necessary to keep the low blood pressure under the leash. This article tells you how blood pressure can be controlled.

Level Of Blood Pressure And Its Care

Blood pressure is one reveals the speed of the pumping/flowing of the blood to our heart. Normally we used to say,"I am having Blood Pressure". In the real sense, everybody has Blood Pressure, only because of the blood pressure we lives. But actually the problem arises when the pressure of blood is vary. Blood pressure should be normal and it should not fast or slow. If it is fast, the High BP and if it is slow, Low BP can be said. We can see about the variation of BP.

How to control high Blood Pressure (B.P.) or Hypertension?

High blood pressure is common ailment of many people in the world and it is known to be a silent killer. In this resource I have discussed the various steps by which we can keep this ailment under our control with logical arguments and scientific reasons. The tips I gave in this resource will be very useful to keep high blood pressure under control.

Blood Pressure: causes, symptoms, and preventive methods

Blood pressure or BP is a common syndrome seems nowadays. Is your head drilling? Difficulty in breathing? Is your head aching? Are you feeling unsleeping? Blood flows from nasal. These very common symptoms articulate changes in the blood pressure. Consult immediately your physician and examine your blood pressure as soon as possible.

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure Naturally?

High blood pressure is widely considered as 'silent killer' as it shortens your life span without any particular symptoms. It is necessary to control high blood pressure of hypertension when you are aware about it in early stages only. It is better to take the necessary steps to prevent high blood pressure. Here are some important tips to prevent high blood pressure away from your healthy life.

Best natural remedies for controlling blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and trying to control your BP, then go through this article which deals with the natural ways of keeping the blood pressure under control. The hectic life in the present days is one of the main causes of increasing the blood pressure, understand the causes and try to control the causes for a healthy living.

Tips on how to lower Blood pressure naturally without any medication by understanding it better

What is BP? What are the main differences between High BP and low BP? What are the natural ways to control Blood Pressure? What are the foods that lower Blood pressure? How to lower Blood pressure? In this article I have answered these questions and this will help you understand more about the risks of this condition and also ways by which proper lifestyle changes can help you reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

How To Control High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common problem not only in cities but in rural areas. Most of the people are unaware of the effects of high blood pressure. In this article I am providing a short but very important information of high blood pressure and how hypertension can be controlled.

Blood pressure problems in teenagers and children

These days children between 15-18 years of age are also getting blood pressure problems. One interesting thing to see is that blood pressure levels in children seems to be normal if the children are stress free. There are a number of causes for rising incidences of blood pressure problems among children these days-I will discuss the reasons and then present some practical solutions.

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Basic information on blood pressure

Looking for information on low and high B.P.? Get all the details at this Ask Expert page on the difference between low and high B.P., how it occurs and how to treat it quickly.
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