Can foreign students get admission in IITs in India?

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Author: Janmejaya Mohanty      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
Yes, foreign students can get admission in IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) in India. The admission process for foreign students is slightly different from that of Indian students.

Here are some details on the admission process for foreign students:

  • Eligibility: Foreign students must have completed their 12th grade or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

  • Entrance Exam: Foreign students must appear for the JEE Advanced entrance exam, which is the main entrance exam for admission to IITs.

  • Qualifying Marks: Foreign students must secure a minimum of 75% aggregate marks in their 12th-grade examination or equivalent, or be in the top 20 percentile of successful candidates in their respective board examinations.

  • Language Requirements: Foreign students must be proficient in the English language. Some IITs may also require proficiency in Hindi or another Indian language, depending on the course and institute.

  • Application Procedure: Foreign students must apply through the Direct Admission for Students Abroad (DASA) scheme, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

  • Seat Allocation: Admissions are made on the basis of merit, and a seat allocation process is conducted by the DASA. Foreign students are allocated supernumerary seats, which are over and above the regular seats allocated to Indian students.

  • Fees: The tuition fees for foreign students are higher than those for Indian students. The fees may vary depending on the institute and the course.

Overall, the admission process for foreign students is competitive, and candidates are advised to start preparing early and to ensure that they meet all the eligibility requirements.
Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
Foreign students can get admission to IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) in India.

Indian Institue of Technology, Bombay - Interested foreign students can get admission in pursuing their UG studies i.e. B.Tech., Dual Degree, and five-year M.Sc. programs through joint entrance examination (JEE) conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).

Foreign students who have registered for a degree in any University abroad can also get admission as visiting students for project work at the Indian Institute of Technology.

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar - IIT Ropar has opened many seats in Post Graduate and Ph.D. programs for International Students.

Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai offers admission to foreign nationals in B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. programs.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur also offers admission to foreign students to Post-Graduate programs,

Foreign students can get admission to IITs in India if they fulfill the eligibility criteria and through the joint entrance examination (JEE) by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).
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