Can I apply to a university for both a scholarship and a bursary to study abroad?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 28 Jul 2023        
A scholarship is a financial assistance to a student to pursue higher education. The amount paid as a scholarship need not be paid back. Scholarships can be paid in many ways. Generally, these scholarships will be paid based on merit. Some Scholarships will be on the need of the candidate. Some scholarships will be given particularly to the students of a particular nation. In the same way, some scholarships may be only to women candidates or some specific category students only. The scholarship amount varies from one scholarship to another scholarship.

A bursary is also a type of financial assistance. This assistance will be need-based more than merit. These bursaries will be granted to students from low-income groups. Some bursaries will be given based on the background of the candidate. Bursary also need not be paid back and it is not a loan.

Scholarships and bursaries will be offered by educational institutions with their own funds. They can also be given by various governments or external organisations.

As far as my knowledge goes, there is nothing wrong with applying for both. But you should not hide any information or submit wrong information. There will be different eligibility criteria for scholarships and bursaries. You should read the eligibility criteria properly and you should apply to the relevant one only. But many universities will not offer both to the same student. That depends on the policy of the institution or the government or the agency that is offering the financial aid.

I will give you an example. I was getting State government Scholarship during my degree. At the same time, I applied for financial assistance that was being offered by a cooperative bank in our native place. In the application, I was asked to fill up the details of the scholarship I am getting, if any. I have given all the details correctly and have not hidden any matter. They sanctioned me the financial assistance.
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