Can students from VIT Chennai attend campus interviews in Vellore campus?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 15 May 2023        
VIT follows a centralised system of placements. Vellore is the mother campus. Many companies visit the Vellore campus. Some other companies may visit the Chennai campus also.

The students who are registered with the placement cell will get a notification about the visit of a company for recruitment. This will be sent to all registered candidates irrespective of their campus of study. If there is any cut-off or specific minimum CGPA etc are there, students who get qualified will only get such information.

All the students who have to attend the Vellore campus for interviews will travel from the VIT Chennai campus to the Vellore campus. Generally, a common transport will be arranged for all of them to travel together. Those students will be provided accommodation to get fresh. Some of the participants may get shortlisted and asked to stay back for completing the selection process. Such students will stay back and others will go back. Accommodation arrangements will be provided for the students staying back on VIT, Vellore campus.

The selection procedure will be the same for all the students irrespective of their place of study. How they perform in the selection process will be the main issue only.
Author: Venkiteswaran      Post Date: 12 May 2023        
Regarding the campus placement procedures of the Chennai and Vellore campuses of VIT, the preliminary rounds for shortlisting are done on one's campus. After that, the placements are done at Vellore.

There is a common Gmail group for placement. It depends on the company which campus they will visit. Generally large and more reputed companies visit Vellore.

As per the pre-intimation of interviews, on the day of the company's visit, the shortlisted students from the Chennai campus have to travel to Vellore suitably so that they will be ready and on time for the pre-presentation talks. The transport is arranged by the Institute mostly in their buses. Once the day's placement procedure is over they will be taken back by the same bus except for those who would be needed for a second round the next day(if any). These students will stay back and will return after their procedures are over the next day.

If the company visit is at the Chennai campus, then Vellore students have to travel to Chennai. Arrangements will be made suitably by the VIT.

There is no differentiation in chances for the students. It purely depends on merits and the individual student's performance in the campus placement interviews etc.
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