Canada vs Ireland: Which is better for Indian students to study and settle in?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 17 Jul 2023        
Both Ireland and Canada are the best destinations for students who wanted to pursue their studies in foreign countries. Both countries are having best educational institutions for higher studies. In both countries, the unemployment problem is less and students will have better chances to settle there after their higher education.

My brother's son is trying to go abroad for higher studies. In this connection, we met a study abroad consultant and we discussed it with him. Overall both are good but specifically one can decide only after knowing the course which the student wants to pursue. In Ireland, computer science-related courses like Data Analytics, cyber security, etc., are very popular.

In Canada, the following are some of the popular courses-

1. Business Management

2. Engineering

3. Computer science

4. Humanities

Technological University of Shannon, Athlone, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin and South East Technological University, Carlow are some of the popular universities in Ireland.

In Canada also there are many good universities in this country. University of Toronto, Toronto, University of Alberta, Edmonton, and McGill University, Montreal are some such universities.

For both countries, TOEFL or IELTS scores are required. Both countries will be having same eligibility criteria except for some differences in the minimum percentage of marks. Many institutes ask for a minimum of 60% in the qualifying examination. The duration of the courses will be the same in these two countries. University fees will be on the higher side in Canada compared to that of Ireland. The cost of living in Ireland is less when compared to that of Canada.

Getting a Visa for any one of the two countries is not difficult and once a seat is allotted one can start the Visa processing. After finishing the studies, Visa can be extended for another 6 months to stay in Canada and trials can be made for a job. During studies, a student can work part-time for earning. A student can work for 20 hours per week. This limit is not applicable till December 2023. In Ireland also a student can work part time and the rules are similar to that of Canada. After completing the course a student can apply for an extension for 2 years and trials can be made for obtaining a job there to settle down there.

Ireland is offering many scholarships to foreign students to encourage them to come to their country and in Canada also there are some scholarships available for foreign students. However, I understand, Ireland is having many scholarships.

In conclusion, I suggest the students first decide on the subject they want to pursue and then the best university for that subject can be finalised.
Author: kncharyulu      Post Date: 22 Jul 2023        
While I was studying B.Ed in the campus of Kakatiya university, one of classmate who was a lecturer of Maths in Canada showed interest to study B.Ed. He said that there were more teaching opportunities in colleges and schools in Canada. Population in Canada is less. In my opinion, unemployment problem is also less in this country.

My classmate told that Canadian accent of English, the knowledge in the subject and TOEFL eligibility was needed for getting opportunities in teaching field of this country. He also added that salaries were so pretty that one could live with job satisfaction in this country.

Come to study courses, competition may be less in the education of this country. So many consultancies act as mediators to join the reputed institutions in Canada but beware of fake consultants to save from money loss. However, education and job opportunities are very hopeful to get in Canada. One can have secured life by getting good education and jobs in Canada.
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