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How to become a Goods Guard in Indian Railways

Goods Guards and other posts in the hierarchy in Operating section (Brakesman, Passenger Guard, Senior Passenger Guard, etc.) are very important posts in terms of traffic movement for Indian Railways. This article discusses eligibility and selection procedure of Goods Guards in Indian Railway.

How to become a Tax Consultant

The profession of a tax consultant is an attractive one for individuals who are good communicators, out-of-the-box thinkers, creative, with an interest in income tax laws and the current market scenario. Find out the steps to become a tax consultant.

How to become a veterinary doctor in India

Although Veterinary Science has many lucrative prospects, it is still not popular among students in India. Veterinary doctors can work in zoos, pharmaceutical research laboratories, veterinary hospitals, universities and in defence services. They can also work in big poultries and dairies. In this article, the author discusses the course, career prospects and various pros and cons of the profession.

How to become a professional ethical hacker

Ethical hacking is a career in great demand, with excellent job prospects, good pay and plenty of opportunities to help protect the security of systems in government, corporate and retail spheres. Find out more about a career in ethical hacking.

How to become a professional caterer Part - 2

Food services and catering businesses have to be registered under the FSSAI Act of India, 2006. These services must comply with the laid down regulations to operate. Further, there will be sales and service tax that the companies will be eligible for paying. From this article you will get all the information required about these aspects of setting up a business.

How to become a professional caterer Part -1

The food business is one of the safest and the easiest business to become a part. Homemakers can turn their cooking skills into a lucrative food service or catering business. If you have the talent, you just need to go out and capture the market. This article helps you understand the nitty-gritty of getting started in the food business.

Effective tips for a job search

Are you searching for a new job? The job market has undergone drastic changes during last ten years or so. The old ideas won't bring success anymore. Learn effective ways to find jobs. Read this article for guidance.

Choosing Between MEM and MBA after Engineering

MBA and MEM (Master of Engineering Management) are both management degrees, but the latter is tailor-made for students from engineering backgrounds. Find out which is better for you as an engineering graduate.

How to start a freelance travel and tourism career

Are you looking for work at home opportunities in the travel & tourism field? This article gives complete information on how to become a travel guide or holiday planning advisor with reputed travel websites in India.

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