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How to be a Pilot in India

To be a Commercial Pilot in India is one of the most sought after jobs in India. The attractive pay package, adulations, opportunity to fly arround the world etc have made this one of the most high profile jobs in India. In this article you will get information about how to become a pilot in India and the top flight training institutes and employment scenario of trained pilots.

Options after Degree

There are several options one can choose from, after completing the degree programme.Some of the major options available today are,MBA,etc.One can choose his/her career depending on his/her tastes and abilities. The following article would certainly help you in making an appropriate decision.

Analysis of the career options after class 12 and the parameters that make a good college

Have you passed your class 12 examination with 90+ marks and looking for a good college to join? Have you scored just average marks or have been unable to do well in your class 12 examination and still want to join a satisfactory college or university? Read the following article to get answers to all your questions about the parameters that make a good college, alternatives to college education, foreign education and scholarships, various college accreditations and the impact of choosing the right college.

Career options in Commerce for students

In this article I have given emphasis to the future career prospects in the study of Commerce in high school, college and professional institution. In high school education students after passing class 10th standard will have to choose the correct stream of their interest. Now a days many students are inclined to choose career option in Commerce because of growing trend of Indian and International trades and economy.

Career options in India after PUC and Class 12

Selection of a career after PUC and Class 12 is really a million dollar question in the s of the aspiring candidates. This is the time where they need the guidance from their parents, teachers, and friends and if needed from counselors. Selection should be based on the interest and passion one have about a certain discipline. Rightful and justifiable decision now will make one's future life more fruitful in terms of earning and also in learning.

Tips to choose a right career

Selecting a proper career is a sensitive issue, as many people have a confusion with career and job, while career means the name of the profession or designation whereas a job where one works.

Career Options In Management

In this article, I will discuss something about Career options in Management. There is a hard rush for doing MBA in India and yes, every person or student is following this big and hard dream, for achieving the success in this field. According to me there is around four years back two lakh students, and also in this year around 1.5 Lakh students has appeared for the CAT Test ( Common Admission Test in India ).

Career options after Class 12

Choosing a career after Class 12 is like choosing the career for life, one needs to take much care while selecting the options, but the important aspect here is choosing the right career, though it needs much consultation but ultimately what stands is his/her own interest in subjects and choice. This article though not in detail but will give a outlook what one can do.

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