Career prospects for a student who completed BBM in Hospitality management

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 27 Jun 2023        
The Bachelor of Business Management in Hospitality Management course will focus on the management and operations of the hospitality industry. The knowledge required for the management of Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and event planning will be taught in this degree.

This course covers all aspects of the hospitality industry that includes management, marketing, finance, and human resources. There will be a need of doing some internship as a part of completing the course. This will give a chance to the student to understand the practical difficulties that will arise in this industry.

The tourism industry is expanding in a fast mode. That will open up many jobs to persons with a UG qualification in Hospitality management. More new hotels, restaurants and resorts are coming up and automatically there will be positions in these organisations for the candidates who complete their BBM.

I feel people who obtained this degree should also develop some additional skills like HR management skills, communication skills and writing skills so that employment chances for them will increase.

The following are some opportunities for these graduates.

1. Many hotels are coming up, especially in tourist places and cities. These hotels employ people in different positions in different areas. A BBM graduate in Hospitality Management can join this hotel industry as General Manager, front desk manager, finance manager and administration manager etc. The salary will depend on the size of the hotel and the qualification and experience of the individual. Star hotels pay very good salaries.

2. These graduates can join Restaurants also as Managers, service administration Managers or food service Managers etc. These will be responsible for the hygiene of the premises and taking care of food safety aspects also in the restaurant.

3. Many tourism companies are in operation these days. They will be organising various tourism programmes and they may require these graduates for the operation of their programmes. They can get appointed as General Managers, Managers or Assistant Managers based on their experience. These graduates will also have employment chances in government tourism development boards and private tourism companies.

4. Event management also requires these graduates. These days we are seeing many event management companies. These companies appoint graduates for various posts in their companies. Some star hotels and restaurants will have some in-house events also and they require people to manage these in-house events for which BBM graduates will be considered. These days we are seeing many resorts in pilgrim and tourist places and they will have many events also within the premises to attract customers. There also we see the need for BBM in Hospitality management graduates.

5. In addition to the above there are chances in clubs, health centres, casinos and ships for these graduates to manage various functions in these operations.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 06 Jul 2023        
Candidates who have completed Bachelor's degree in Business Management (BBM) with a specialization in Hospitality Management will have various career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. Here are some of the career prospects for students who have completed BBM in Hospitality Management:

1. Restaurant Managent
2. Hotel and Resort Management
3. Event Management
4. Tourism and Travel Management (travel consultants, tour coordinators, destination managers)
5. Guest service in hotels and resorts
6. sales and marketing
7. Consulting and advisory services
8. Entrepreneurship (hospitality business)

Career opportunities may vary depending on the candidate's skills, experience, current trends in hospitality, and location.
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