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CBSE Vs ICSE syllabus – Which is better and why?

It is very important to choose from the two nationwide education syllabi - CBSE and ICSE. This article gives a brief insight of the merits and demerits of each of the syllabus. It will help you choose the appropriate course for your child.

ICSE vs CBSE syllabus

Difference between ICSE and CBSE syllabus, and their respective advantages when considering engineering entrance exams.

Career After 10th Standard

Discussion about the career of students after 10th class with respect to selecting the group and college in intermediate.

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After CBSE syllabus how to proceed?

Are you confused on choosing the right stream for your child, after completing school education? You can find here expert educational guidance.

How to switch from CBSE syllabus stream to Kerala syllabus?

Is your ward finding the science stream difficult and wishes to change to the commerce stream? Find out in this thread at whether it is possible to switch from CBSE syllabus stream to another stream of the Kerala State board.
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