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What is celebrating festivals in a joint family like?

In the midst of the flurry of such a fast paces life the modern man is racing against, there remains a wait for that rare to come in when a few moments could be snatched out of the busy schedules to be spent together with the near and dear ones forgetting the entire aggravations of life. This joy is what we call festivals. This commentary stresses the festivals gives pleasure only when this is celebrated in togetherness and oneness.

Some celebration ideas about friendship day

In this article I will explain some friendship day celebration ideas for celebration of a friendship day. Some friends want to celebrate their friendship day in a great and splendid manner but they have no ideas about it. So they search for many sites to know the beautiful ideas about celebrating a friendship day. So I hope my article will be a great help to those friends who want to know about the celebrating ideas on their friendship day.

Why The Relationships Changes During The ‘Holi Festivity’?

After all what is the exaltation in the colours of holi that changes the names of relationships on its arrival every year round? There is no two opinions regarding this fact that the festival of holi enhances the degree of friendship and love but there is no doubt in it too that in the impulse of holi, the dignity of relationships and definitions also get a deep drubbing. This article explains how and why this change takes place during the holiday eve.

Diwali, the origin and celebration of the festival

This article deals with the origin and celebration of Diwali festival. Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights. The special features of the Diwali festival are the lighting of the buildings, the exchange of sweets and gifts, the offering of prayers to the goddess Lakshmi. Some people gamble on Diwali day which is not a good omen.

Watch live International Yoga Day event celebrations India 2015 telecast on TV channels

The first International Yoga Day celebrations of year 2015 will take place at Rajpath New Delhi India in the participation of thousands of public. One can watch the live International Yoga Day event celebrations demonstration on Doordarshan DD I National and all leading news broadcasting TV channels on June 21 from 06:30 a.m IST onwards and online streaming on YouTube. Go through below article for more details of International Day of Yoga.

Watch 67th Indian republic day parade, flag hoisting celebrations online live streaming and telecast

Watch 67th Indian republic day parade live streaming online on and telecasting in Dooradarshan on January 26 from New Delhi. Know more about the Indian republic day significance and importance, celebrations, chief guest, where to buy tickets for attend Indian republic day parade 2016 in Delhi. Also check dates and venue of the Beating the Retreat Ceremony from here. Don't miss to watch republic day parade, a spectacular event coordinated by Indian military.

Watch live Bathukamma festival celebrations 2014 telecast on TV channels and online streaming

Are you in search of watching live Bathukamma festival celebrations telecast on TV channels and online streaming on websites? The Bathukamma state festival of Telangana celebrations that taken place 04:00 p.m IST on October 2, 2014 at Tank Bund Hyderabad and other parts will be live telecasted on all Telugu news channels, webcast of online live streaming on YouTube, for global audience. Go through the below article for more details of live streaming Bathukamma in Telangana state.

Watch live 68 th India Independence Day 2014 celebrations telecast on TV channels and streaming

Are you looking for watching live telecast of 68 th India Independence Day August 15, 2014 celebrations ceremony on TV channels and streaming on website? The 68 th Indian Independence Day celebrations ceremony 2014 will be live telecasted on Doordarshan DD1 National and other Indian news broadcasting TV channels, streaming on website directly from Red Fort, New Delhi; Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoists the National Flag, go through below post for more details of live Indian Independence Day.

2014 Indian Republic Day Parade celebrations Delhi live telecast and online streaming

Do you want to watch the live telecast and online live streaming of the 65th Indian Republic Day Parade celebrations on January 26 2014 at New Delhi? Indians can watch the live telecast of Republic day celebrations on Doordarshan National DD1 channel and the live streaming on DD1 YouTube channel. Go through the below article for more details about Republic Day Parade 2014 and the chief guest of the event.

Different timings and celebrations styles of ‘New Year’ in different parts of world

The New Year 2014 is beckoning with new hopes and promises. You know that exactly at 12 ‘O’ clock in the midnight of 31 December, the present year i.e. 2013 would come to an end. However, do you also know whether the New Year descends simultaneously at a time in the entire world or not? Do not get perturbed. The answer is in negative. The arrival of the New Year in the world happens slowly and the entire countries of the world celebrate it within the span of 24 hour period.

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