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Tips on how to become famous among your friends and family

In this article, I will explain you how to behave nicely with your friends and family. This article also contains useful tips for you which will help you to gain self respect within your inmates. One should behave polite and speak sweet with his close ones for maintaining a easy going and nice relationship.

How to become best student in the school campus

Being best and shine in school is every student's dream. In this article, I explained how a student can become best among their friends. How he can become favorite of their teacher and could become an example to others.

Character analysis of Claudius in Shakespeare's Hamlet

This article helps you understand the character of Claudius the main antagonist in the play of Hamlet. This write up helps you in completion of assignments on the character and related themes around Claudius. This is useful in completion of assignments and writing answers to the questions posed in exams related to universities of Nagarjuna, Andhra and Kuppam.

Analysis of character of young Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet

This resource is meant for analysis of character of young Hamlet. Hamlet is well known tragic work of Shakespeare's in his tragedies. This reveals the disasters of taking revenge and at the same time delay in taking revenge has taken several lives in this play. This write up helps you in writing assignments and answering the questions posed in Indian university exams.

Analysis of characters in Robert Browning's My Last Duchess

This is the analysis of the self absorbed characters of my last Duchess. This resource is very useful in understanding Browning's writings. This is very useful for special English students who are studying Degree as well as post graduation in Acharya Nagarjuna and as well as in other universities. This helps you in writing answers to all types of questions.

Character of Lucrezia in Andrea del Sarto

This is an analytical essay on Lucrezia who is the wife of Andrea. This gives clear understanding on the central character of the dramatic monologue. This helps you in answering the assignment work; essay type questions and can help in writing annotations. The headings will help you in remembering the outline character of her.

Character of Andrea in Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning

This is the analysis of the character Andrea del Sarto. He is a great painter but a weakness will not let him excel in his career. This is pathetic that he does not want to leave the love of Lucrezia even he knows that she is leaving her. This write up will help in writing essays, annotations and assignments.

Themes and character analysis of the Hunchback in the park

This write up is about the Thomas' The Hunch back in the park. This essay will provide you with the themes and analysis of characters of this lesson. This is very useful for Nagarjuna University students. This can be useful in writing essay type of question and annotations. All characters are analyzed perfectly.

Tennyson's Ulysses heroic or bewildered character

This is the perception of character of the Ulysses of Tennyson. This is the essay question always posed in exams of post graduation in Andhra, Nagarjuna and Kuppam universities. In this write up it is targeted that whether the prime character is confused or going as per his mature knowledge hunt. This essay helps you understand easily and the same time it is written in lucid style.

Characteristics of characters in Tennyson's Ulysses

This is the character analysis of different characters of Tennyson's Ulysses which is a part of syllabus for Post Graduation of Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra University and Kuppam University. This is useful in writing questions and understanding the subject of the poem. The critical questions on comparisons and similarities in characters can be written easily.

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