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Guidelines for Child’s diet

Child's diet is very important. Managing proper diet for a child is really a challenging job for mother and creates headache sometimes. Here, read the article for Guidelines for Child’s diet.

How to Motivate your Child to Study

Many parents find it difficult to motivate their children to study without constant prompting and shouting. Here, in the article find out that how to motivate your child to study?

Do we have a child within us?

Yes I do feel existence of a little child right there within me. A tiny tot who wants to giggle at his full throttle… a sprouting sapling who longs to cry for his mom… an innocent toddler feeling pride in holding hand of his dad… and love to let everyone know whose offspring he is?

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Which class should I choose for my child?

Confused about your child's admission in either upper or lower kindergarten? Wondering as per age which is more suitable? On this page go through the suggestions from experts.
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