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Ways to control child's tantrums

The parents should control the child's tantrums by ignoring tantrums, taking him out, giving alternative, treating coolly, grounding,and explaining the consequence when he cools down. The child should understand that he or she should not behave like that.

How to handle children in the preadolescence age ?

The pre-adolescent age is difficult to handle. What are the best ways to handle pre-adolescents? What lessons must pre-adolescents be taught? Check out this article to know the tips on how to deal with the erratic behaviour of a preteen.

How to correct social meanness in adolescents

Adolescents can be mean and nasty. They can bully their peers, resort to name-calling and act in a very derisive manner. Such behaviour is unacceptable but yet remains common. How do parents and teachers handle such behaviour? What techniques can be used to correct bullying and threatening in teens?

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