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How to keep children engaged at home during the summer break

Looking for free online activities for children during the summer vacations? This article provides a comprehensive list for your children who have their summer break and helps you to keep them occupied. There are numerous online websites that have educative, interactive and fun activities for free. All you need is a computing device, an internet connection and enthusiastic children.

How to conduct children's day activities and events for school children

Children's day in India is celebrated on November 14 coinciding with the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru whom the children called Chacha Nehru (Nehru uncle) with love and affection. About a week long celebrations start in schools before 14th November. For this purpose, the schools plan and organize various games, sports and other events. This article deals with this aspect of the children's day celebrations.

How to introduce alphabets and small words to preschoolers

Teaching and parenting go hand in hand to parents. Home schooling is part of it and must for kids between 2-5 age. Language is basic to communication and introducing alphabets is beginning to it. Here are tips to make "alphabet learning" a fun to kids and ease to parents.

The Net: The String To Suicide!

This article is in respect to suicides through , the young people are committing this crime, the poor parents are helpless, the governments should try to curb this problem, why people commit suicide, is the internet something to be harmful, what is the situation in India pertaining to suicides.
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