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How to handle bad behaviour in children

Children can be rude and argumentative. They can answer back, and not do what they are told. Such insolent behaviour needs to be corrected. But what are the right techniques to correct bad behaviour in children? They should be disciplined gentlly yet firmly. It's a trick that every parent must know.

How to stop children from playing with gadgets

Parenting is more difficult today than it ever was. There are so many challenges, and added to that is technology. Children today spend more time indoors with gadgets than outdoors, playing. This is a dilemma of practically every parent. How do parents keep their children away from gadgets?

The Net: The String To Suicide!

This article is in respect to suicides through , the young people are committing this crime, the poor parents are helpless, the governments should try to curb this problem, why people commit suicide, is the internet something to be harmful, what is the situation in India pertaining to suicides.

How To Avoid Problems Between Siblings

Although the problems between siblings are common, they should be avoided. The bondage between the siblings is always very strong. You realize this when you grow older.
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