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India-China oil buyer's group: All that you need to know

Do you know about Asian Premium? Asian Premium' is a discriminatory pricing policy adopted by OPEC due to which countries like China and India are forced to pay a higher price for their crude imports from OPEC. Recently, an idea of a 'buyer's group' consisting of the two countries has been in the news. This article tries to look at the proposed plan and why such a plan is the best way going forward.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2013

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is a beautiful festival held every year in China. This festival is one of its kind. If you are in China during the months of January February, do visit the Harbin Ice festival.

The South China Sea Dispute

In this article, I will explain about the Dispute of the South China sea. Recently in the news there was an argument about South China sea. This sea is a disputed area where some nations claimed that this sea belongs to them, namely China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. This sea is rich in oil and gas fields. Let's discuss more on this topic.

Significance of the colour red during the Chinese New Year

The colour red has a great significance during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The streets and the houses are all awash with red - red lanterns on the doorways, shapely red papers and motifs pasted on walls and people wearing bright red clothes. Red is clearly the dominant colour. Let's know why.

Discover the Medical Study abroad options in China

Are you aspiring to join the medical profession? Wondering whether you can study medicine in china? In this article you will discover the medical study abroad option in China. I have described reasons for choosing China as a preferred study abroad destination for medicine followed by the various medical programs offered in Chinese Universities. If you are planning to study medicine and want to study abroad, then this article will prove useful to you.

Micro Finance in India and China – A Comparative Study

This report discusses about the reason for the emergence of microfinance in the global economy. It explains how effective and efficient these formal sector organisations are providing services to people below the poverty line. The following section of the report discusses about the history of microfinance and literatures related to it.

The increasing aggressiveness of China

This article emphasizes the necessity of applying immediate brakes on the increasing bold posturing of China in the Asia-pacific and the Indian Ocean. America should strap Chinese adventurism right away that aims at expanding its borders, otherwise China would continue expanding its aerial zones like this in South-East China seas. It is gradually increasing its areas in Asia. This is in the best of American interest along with all the other nations as well to restrain China now.

The question of dual threat from China and Pak on our borders

The continued incidents of violation of cease-fire from the part of Pakistan give credence to the suspicions that Pakistan is preparing for a major war from across the borders. On the other side, 20 km inside the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, Chinese sat continued glued for several days. To sum up, it could be said China and Pakistan both are together trying to surround India on borders. A well planned politico-military strategy has now become now imperative for India .

India versus China in science and technology

This article gives an account of development of space, military, super computers and research and development of India and China. Thus, it provides contrast between both. This write up helps you understand the reasons for growth in one country and at the same time it will help you understand why there is no such environment in other country.

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