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Christmas - A glorious occasion

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year to venerate the birth of Jesus Christ. This occasion brings with itself, many reasons to express and share joy through Christmas gifts and colourful Christmas decorations. Read on to contemplate on the various customs, traditions and festivities carried out on Christmas.

Christmas and Santa Claus

In this article my seven years old son has expressed his thoughts on Christmas and Santa Claus. He relates Christmas and Santa Claus with his daily experiences and observations. His thoughts and imagination knows no limits. He has beautifully expressed what he would do if he were the Santa Claus for a day. A Christmas card which he specially made for his class teacher to wish her 'Merry Christmas' is attached along with.

Santa Claus, Christmas with christmas tree and cake

In this article I described about the world famous wonderful festival in the winter season "Christmas". In this article I submit my pictures of the christmas tree and Santa Claus who is famous for distributing chocklate and gifts for the children and others.

A trip around Ghatshila to enjoy the Christmas holidays

Want to take a tour to feel fit and fresh? Do you want to enjoy the holidays in the lap of the mother nature? Then Ghatshila is the ideal place for relaxation. Read on to know more what to see in Ghatshila and where to stay

Jagadalpur - A tourist destination during the Christmas vacation

Have you ever heard of this place where the conglomeration of waterfalls, forests, wild life and tribal art & culture live together bringing happiness to the naked eye of nature loving human being? It is also well known as the Kashmir of Chattisgarh where you can have the glance of the Indian Nayagara waterfall. To have a splendid trip during your Christmas vacation, chalk out you plan to visit Jagadalpur, the most beautiful place which hosts the above feature of nature. Have a glance look at this article.

10 best places to enjoy your Christmas holidays in Kolkata

Planning to visit Kolkata during the Christmas holidays. Not just culture, music, street food and the legacy of British Raj, but the city is also famous for its various tourist spots. Some of them are especially popular during Christmas and New Year. Let's learn here ten such places.

Why you should pick Nepal as your Christmas and New Year holiday destination

In this festive month, we are all in search of affordable holiday destinations. Nepal is a country that can give you an inexpensive but a heavenly holiday feel. Mountain trekking, watching beautiful Pagodas, getting close to Nature in Chitwan National park, purchase of exotic handmade items in Kathmandu's market, Kayaking and Bungee jumping are offered by this beautiful country.

Hill Town Nainital - the Perfect Getaway for Christmas and New Year

Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a cool place in the winters and one can enjoy this place in Christmas and new year time when there is a good rush of visitors to enjoy the nature at its best and also have fun and entertainment here.

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