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How churches raise their funds to support their activities.

In this resource article we are going to learn how a church raises its funds. The various modes of fund raising methods including special fund raising events , pledges taken by worshippers, giving at freewill , sale of articles and identifying church sponsors are some of the methods discussed here.

Why do we give to the house of God?

In this article we learn why people give their funds to churches. The benefits they derive from the action. The beneficiaries of those funds apart from the church and how those funds help in enlightening people of the goodness of the Kingdom of God.

Luz Church – Our Lady of Light, Mylapore Chennai

In the heart of Chennai, in Mylapore, stands a 500-year-old Church, dedicated to Mother Mary. The Shrine of Our Lady of Lights is also called the Luz Church. Built by the Portuguese, the origins of the church has an interesting narrative. It is a place of worship with miraculous powers.

The Blessed Mother Teresa Church Virar to be rechristened as St Teresa of Calcutta Church

Do you know the name of only church in Maharashtra that is dedicated to Mother Teresa? Interested to know the official announcement date of Mother Teresa as a saint? Searching for the location of Mother Teresa Church in Maharashtra India? Planning to visit The Blessed Mother Teresa Church located in Virar Maharashtra? If yes, continue reading this post to know all important information of Mother Teresa Church located in Maharashtra.

The Medak cathedral, Asia's biggest Church

On the eve of Christmas, it would be ideal to have an understanding of the famous religious places of Christian faith. One such place in India which happens to be the second largest diocese in the world is Medak Cathedral from Andhra Pradesh.A brief sketch of this pilgrim centre is presented in this article.

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