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Some simple tips for cleaning

This article has some simple tips of cleaning surfaces and getting rid of some audacious types of spots you did not know how to clean. These are highly effective tips using which brings the blotted materials back to their former shinning state. All you have to do is to apply the procedure given below in this article.

Products to clean white color cotton fabrics

White or cream color clothes are very difficult to clean and to maintain the cotton clothes is another tedious task. Each and everyone of us wish to have that stiff and crisp look with good odour. Here in this article, I have mentioned some products that can be used to clean and to keep the white/off white/cream color cotton fabrics fresh all day throughout with good scent.

Cleaning your oven and gas stove

Every woman should keep the house clean. The most important is to keep the kitchen room clean. Since this room is very important because not to enter cockroaches or any insects. For this purpose I have explained in detail in this article regarding the oven and gas stove cleaning procedure. Go through the article and learn how to keep the oven and gas stove clean.

Top 11 home cleaning tips for all seasons

To remain healthy and hygienic, the house where we stay must be extremely neat and clean. If we fail to keep our houses clean, it may be due to improper or incomplete cleaning. Read this article to know the top eleven tips for house cleaning tips for all seasons especially summer, rainy, winter and spring in India. These important cleaning tips can help to keep your house sparkling as ever and make you feel just healthy and secure.

Ways to remove immovable stains from clothes and other hard surfaces

This article contains various homemade techniques to remove immovable stains from clothes, iron, drains, vehicles, walls and toilet bowls. We can use products, which we commonly use in our day-to-day life; to remove various stains those we think are impossible to remove. This article contains the products, which we can use on the stains, the safer method to use them and some more tips.

Tips on how to fight/avoid mildew on clothes this monsoon

The met-department has predicted a normal monsoon this year. While it's reason to celebrate there is also reason for concern. Monsoon brings with it a host of problems and mildew on clothes and leather goods is one of them. How do you prevent fungus, mildew and mold from ruining clothes and leather goods? Take a look at top solutions for mildew, fungus and mold.

Simple tips to boost memory

In this article, some simple tips are given to boost the memory. Continuously following these tips would definitely help boosting retention power and power to recall at right places at the right time. Let us learn these tips.
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