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Means of Communication

Man cannot live alone in this world. We want to share knowledge and ideas with others which is only done through communication. Means of communication act as a medium to propagate the communication. It is the crucial part of mankind’s social life. In this article, I focus on some important means of communication like newspaper, letters, radio, television and internet.

How to improve business communication by technology?

In this article, I am going to provide the technologies to improving business communication today. The various tools used for communication are clearly stated. Effecive Business communication should be very essential for people those involved in doing business as profession. Read the articles below to grab the concepts.

Means of communication

This article deals with the common means of communication like postal services, telegram, telefax and telephone. We can individually use these services as a means of communication. But if we have to communicate to the people at large in society then radio, television and newspaper is used. A computer with internet connection is an another advanced means of communication.

A Story To Brief The Importance Of Communication In Our Life

This is a story which would narrate the importance of communication in our life. Though education and knowledge are essentials for development of men, it is only the communication that can provide him the platform to develop himself in this modern age.

Impact of communication technology on globalization

Communication and Globalization are interdependent. When Globalization deals with the integration of developing and developed countries, communication technology acts as a yardstick for their combination. We will see in detail how communication technology plays a vital role in bringing up the concept of globalization.

Communication System And Communication Working

In this article, I have explained about the communication system and its working. I have first started it up with the history of the communication over the past decades and its present situation. I have also added some few terms related to the communication sector and also finally finished it with the need for the modulation.

Listening an important tool of communication

Listening is an art. Effective listening is an important aspect of human communication process. The listener should always listen to the communication completely. This will ensure that the listener gets complete information. This way some part of communication failure can be avoided.

Tips for Effective Communication

To make the process of communication smooth between two parties one should initially introduce each other, accept each other, not come to a sudden conclusion, and become clear about his ideas. Only then the communication process becomes effective.

Ways To Interact Effectively In Workplace

This article explains that you must effectively communicate in your workplace by following some simple tips such as speaking precisely, interacting promptly and timely manner, delivering messages clearly, avoiding personal issues and interacting in an intellectual manner. To make your communication effective in a workplace, you must learn some important tips that are relevant to an organization.

Communication and its Elements

Communication is commonly used to share the information between the sender and the receiver. The communication can be off any type either formal or informal but it should be efficient and effective. The message can flow in a single direction or multiple directions to make the information reach everyone.

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