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How to Use a Computer Properly

Use computer peoperly, how to properly starts a Computer and shut down / turn off the computer, best tips to use computer properly

Uses of Computer Networks

This article describes about the uses of computer networks. Read this article to know about the various uses like Resource sharing, high reliability, money saving features, scalability, access to remote information, person to person communication, interactive entertainment and other related information.

My first Campus interview with Satyam Computers

This article is about my interview which I gave at Satyam computers. Although Satyam computers is ruined today, it was then a top company and the interview also was tricky. Read this article to know more about my interview with Satyam computers

How to stop dust from destroying your computer

Fed up of a dusty computer? This article describes about how to clean your computer if a lot of dust has settled on your computer. Also read this article to understand how dust can start destroying your computer and reducing its life.

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How to resolve computer start up problem

Is the computer taking too long to boot up and same message of repair appearing each time? Understand from experts what could be the underlying cause & how to resolve the problem.

How to get into a computer programming IT career

Keen on switching from general computer work to specific computer programming work in the IT field? The expert responses at this page will give you advice on the right career path to becoming an ace IT computer programmer.
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