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Armed conflict today : Are rules of war being bent or broken?

War is the most horrifying experience.The world "War" terrorizes a man and his first reaction is "No! Not a War!". War-like conditions should be avoided at any cost. When will these wars come to a end? There is no rule followed in a war. The powerful countries are targeting the poor countries. No one can put a question to the country having command and power. Where are the rules? Rules, even exists or not? What is the UN doing? These questions can never be answered.

Concept Of Conflict In Organisational Behaviour, Types And Sources Of Conflict

The topic of conflict in organizational behavior is very important for the management students as the adept handling of conflicts is very imperative for the sound functioning and growth of any organization. This article discusses the concept of conflict and throws light on various types of conflicts along with the sources or elements of conflicts.

How to avoid conflicts in daily life

Whenever you are angry, you can solve the problem more tactfully by using proper tone, take a breath, ignore and speaking proper words instead of entering into a conflict. Conflict brings many adverse effects and spoils your relationship with someone.

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