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Author: Selvakumaran Krishnan      Post Date: 28 May 2023        
If you would like to dive into cloud computing, there are some dope courses out there to get you started. Check out these cool options for cloud computing courses:

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate: This course is all about Amazon Web Services (AWS). They teach you the basics, and best practices, and let you try out their services. Plus, it helps you prep for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification.

2. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Would you like to learn about cloud computing with Microsoft Azure? This course gives you the lowdown on core Azure stuff like services, security, pricing, and management. It's a solid choice for beginners.

3. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: If you're into Google Cloud Platform (GCP), this course is for you. You'll learn about the main GCP services, storage, networking, and more. It's a great starting point for exploring GCP.

4. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): Would you like to become a cloud security pro? This course is legit. It covers cloud data security, legal and compliance stuff, application security, and infrastructure security. Get certified and own that cloud security game.

5. Certified Cloud Practitioner: This course is all about getting a broad understanding of cloud computing. You'll learn the basics of AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and billing. Perfect for beginners or non-tech peeps.

6. VMware Cloud on AWS: Wanna rock VMware on AWS? This course is your jam. They teach you about architecture, deployment, management, and moving your VMware workloads to AWS. Get ready to slay it in the cloud.

7. IBM Certified Solution Advisor - Cloud Computing Architecture: IBM's got a cool course on cloud computing. You'll dig into cloud principles, architectures, and design stuff. They cover cloud deployment models, security, and performance management. It's all about that IBM cloud game.

8. Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure: Get hands-on with Microsoft Azure in this course. They cover virtual machines, storage, networking, and security in Azure. You'll be all set to flex your Azure skills.

These are just a few sick examples of the many cloud computing courses out there. When picking one, think about what interests you, which cloud platforms you're into (like AWS, Azure, or GCP), and how deep you would like to go. Also, check the syllabus, reviews, and certifications to make sure it fits your vibe.
Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 23 May 2023        
The delivery of computing services is known as Cloud Computing. This delivery will be over the Internet. That is why it is called cloud computing. The services that are offered through this include servers, storage, databases, networking, analytics, software etc. With this cloud computing, companies can rent access to varying applications to storage from their services provider instead of having their own infrastructure.

The main advantage of cloud computing is the location of the service, and the hardware or the operating system on which it is running is irrelevant to the customer.

To have a career in cloud completion, the candidate should have an undergraduate course in computer science. It may be BE( Computer Science Engineering) or any other relevant course.

Once you have that basic degree you can get some certification courses or related courses that can be taken even online also.

Some of the popular cloud computing courses in India are

1. Certificate in Cloud Computing
2. Certificate in Visualization and Cloud Computing
3. Diploma in Information Security, Networking and Cloud Computing
4. BE (Hons) in CSE with specialisation in Cloud Computation
5. BTech in Computer Science and Engineering with Cloud Computing
6. BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security
7. BTech in Information Technology with Cloud Computing
8. MCA with specialization in Cloud Computing
9. ME in Cloud Computing
10. MTech Computer Science and Engineering with Cloud Computing
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 26 May 2023        
Cloud Computing is becoming very popular and companies are moving from captive computing to cloud computing. There are obvious advantages and just by paying the service charges any organization can utilize the facilities in the cloud computing site to carry its business online over the internet.
In this situation learning and making a career in cloud computing makes sense and many professionals are undergoing courses in cloud computing to utilize the facility in the best way.

Many agencies are offering courses in cloud computing and there are a variety of these courses ranging from fundamentals of cloud computing to advanced applications. Some of these agencies are Udemy, Amazon AWS, GreatLearning, intellipaat, Indiaonline, coursera, etc. I have witnessed many graduates going for cloud computing courses from some of these popular agencies.

There are many courses out of which one has to choose as per ones existing knowledge of computers and computer applications especially those related to cloud computing.

Some of the courses that I can suggest to the candidates are -
1. Introduction to Cloud Identity by Coursera.
2. Amazon Web Services Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications.
3. Cloud computing course by IIT Kharagpur.
4. Cloud computing course by Upgrad Academy.
5. Cloud computing course by edX.
6. Cloud computing certificate course by Pluralsight.
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