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Which course after plus two?

This article is a helpful tool for the students that complete the plus two course. The overall doubts and related issues like which course you may be select? The college of your choice? Are point out in the article below. So read and clear your doubts.

All the Available Options after BSc in Information Technology

Confused On What to do after you BSc.IT? I have got some fabulous options for you! See my article for more. Basically I will explain you the basic options available to a person having done BSc.IT and guide you in what will help you establish a great career. In this article,I will tell you what all options you have after doing BSc.IT and what options will help you establish a great career in the world of IT and which will pay you more.

Scope in Environmental Science

Air pollution is eating up the environment all over the world. Environment insecurities are the major reason for creating jobs in this field. Specifically, one can get notified at the National as well as International level by doing some great deeds to the people as well as satisfying the environment as well.

Choice Of Academic Courses Available With A 10+2 Pass Outs

The first available option with the students passing out of their 10+2 examination is pursuing the academic courses despite all those professional courses and the lucre that goes with it. In order to achieve this goal, you have to work harder because in some of the colleges, the cut off mark reaches 100 %. This article details the shinning employability potentials that some renowned colleges of our country have. The pass out from these famous these colleges have a bright career prospect.

Air Ticketing Courses for Job Seekers and Self-Employed People

Air Ticketing is a course for which the minimum qualification is 12th standard only. There are also a lot of career opportunities in this. This is because it is an important part of the Airline Business. In this article I will discuss more about Air Ticketing Courses.

Career as a Radio Jockey

With the growing number of radio stations in India, demand for RJs or Radio Jockeys is increasing day by day. The trend started with VJs or Video Jockeys when channel V (music channel) came into existence. After that, radio stations started becoming common and hosts that used to present programmes on radio stations were soon started to being referred as RJs. In this article of mine, I'll list down the career prospects of this career option.

Job options in ‘merchant navy’

Merchant Navy has today become synonymous with a better salary and faster growth. But it has been seen, due to lack of right decision not taken just at the nick of time while selecting the right institution, youths give invitation to many troubles for themselves. This article details the means of selecting the right institution with a right decision.

Human Resource Development Programmes in 2011 - NIMH, Secunderabad

Human resource development is one of the primary activities of the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH), Secunderabad. It offers long-term and short-term programmes from certificate to post-graduate levels with a view to prepare s and parents for serving mentally challenged persons. This resource endeavours to describe such training programmes.

Career Scope in Bio Informatics

Medical field is developing at a very fast pace. Taking its speed of growth in view, Bio Informatics appeals to be an emerging and interesting field. This resource draws some light on the key factors which may be beneficial for the interested one.

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