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Visa advisory and online self-reporting form for Coronavirus for travellers to India

Are you searching for the online self-reporting form for coronavirus for travellers coming from abroad to India? This article provides the online link to download the coronavirus self-reporting proforma for travellers going to India. The latest travel advisory on visas/e-visas issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and the health advisory for those landing in India is also provided.

What is engineering Corona and endangering Corona

December 31, 2019, was the end of the year and the world was anxiously waiting for the new year to celebrate, but actually, what did happen was the dawn of the Coronavirus. The term "Corona" is not new. It does exist as an engineering phenomenon. In this post, I'll draw some parallels between the engineering Corona and the endangering Corona.

COVID-19: How to prevent our family from coronavirus at home

The COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) is a new infectious disease. Mabt people have been infected with coronavirus and we can prevent our family from this virus. In this article, I am giving a few suggestions to decrease the chances to spread the coronavirus.

COVID-19 wrecks havoc on sporting events

The COVID-19 or simply the coronavirus has already made its presence felt in the various sectors. Most countries can already feel the presence in their markets. Be it the aviation sector or tourism, coronavirus has wrecked more havoc on the economic output than the number of people it has killed. Now the sports events are becoming a victim too. Let's analyze the various sporting events that got affected by this deadly virus, without killing anybody literally.

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