How to increase credit score

Are you looking for tips to increase your credit score in India? Check out our articles on increasing your credit score.

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How To Get Credit Or Loan From Banks And Financial Corporations?

In present day’s, people are knocking the doors of banks and finance institutions regularly. Due to the problem of increasing debts banks are following new regulations while sanctioning credit loans. Credit history and score both are mandatory at the time of credit sanction. In this article I would like to share the complete information about credit history and score.

Know the mistakes to be avoided while using credit card

Over the years, the number of credit card users has been increasing by leaps and bounds in India. Along with this, the number of payment defaulters has also been increasing. Although credit card can help us during emergencies, it can also ruin financial health of the users. In this article, the author discusses the mistakes which the credit card users commit. We have to avoid these mistakes.

How To Apply For Your Credit Score From CIBIL

Credit Information Report and Credit Score from CIBIL are the important tools with which banks assess the default risk of new loan applications. The CIR and credit score are based on borrower’s credit history. A good credit score means sanction of loan easy and a low score may lead to rejection. Now, individuals can also get their credit score from CIBIL –Credit Information Bureau o India Limited. This article gives some guidelines on apply for getting your credit score from CIBIL.

Importance of CIBIL report - credit score

When you apply for a loan - the banker asks you about your credit Score and inform you first they will check with CIBIL. Same happens when you apply for a credit card - the credit card issuer will tell you the same story. This article is related the credit score, credit information report and the the details of CIBIL report and credit score.

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