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Cricket tips for the budding cricketer

Today cricket has become the most famous sport in the world. Every child these days aspires to become a cricketer, especially in our country. And as with any sport, there are certain things to be kept in mind in order to achieve success. In this article, I will discuss a few useful tips about cricket for budding cricketers.

Best 5 Indian cricket players from 80s ideal for playing in IPL

Do you want to know which player from 80s would have made a big impression in IPL? Who are those players which you would have loved to see playing in IPL? Let's know about our 80s cricketers who had ruled the game with their own style of playing and would have fitted well in the IPL format of the game.

Top 7 useful tips on how to choose a good cricket bat

If you need to buy a cricket bat, you must know the top tips which are very handy for buying new cricket bats. Unless you know what the good factors for selecting or choosing a good cricket bat, then you are sure to be cheated. For buying or choosing a good cricket bat for playing a match or tournament, you just have to keep simple things in mind that can ease your batting with maximum number of sixes and fours. Here are ten most useful tips given by the author on how to select or choose a good cricket bat.

How to select an appropriate cricket bat for yourself?

Are you planning to buy a new candid cricket bat for yourself? If so, then this article will help you to select an appropriate bat for yourself as it discusses certain important elements to consider while purchasing a new bat. Besides, it also covers information about how to select a bat according to the batting order in which you play and some important maintenance procedures which you need to follow once you have selected a suitable one for yourself.

The new Decision Review System (DRS) in cricket

The new system in cricket that is decision review system is now included in the game. Although it was also used in IPL but there was conflict in adding other parameters like infrared technology in this system. This certainly has changed the way we play the games and of course we see it. So what is this system is, let's see.

VJD Rule replacing Duckworth/Lewis method in cricket

VJD rule developed by the Engineer V.Jayadevan will be implemented in IPL 4. Read this article to know the biography of Jayadevan, VJD rule details and calculations with example, history of rain rules and progress of VJD rule.

Vote for ICC Greatest Cricket ODI Dream Team and ODI Game

Give your ICC Vote for Kapil Dev and ICC Vote for Sachin Tendulkar! They have been included in the shortlisted names for the greatest ever One-Day International Cricket Team. This article will give you information on the ICC voting process - where to vote for the greatest ever ODI international cricket team and for the ODI international best ever cricket match.

Rajkot ODI records

The strong Indian team crossed the 400 mark for the second time, and this time they did it against the very good Sri Lankan team.

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