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History of Cricket and its evolution

Cricket is a outdoor game played between two teams with 11 players in each team. This article explains about the history of Cricket, the playing conditions, rules and regulations of Cricket, forms of Cricket and the statistics of Cricket and the International Cricket Council, the governing body of Cricket responsible for the rules in the game.

The Governing Bodies Of Cricket In India And At The International Level

Cricket is one of the popular game in the world. Cricket at the International level is controlled by International Cricket Council ICC and in India it is controlled by Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI]. What is the constitution of ICC and BCCI?. What is the role of ICC and BCCI?. Find answers to these questions in this article.

An epic cricket match in 1973 domestic circuit: Tamil Nadu vs. Bombay

Although domestic cricket matches are neglected in India nowadays, the domestic circuit has produced many memorable matches. In this article, the author discusses the epic final match of Ranji Trophy played at Chepauk Stadium during 18, 20-21st April, 1973. Cricket-lovers must not miss it!
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