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What Is Data Warehouse And Comparison With Operational Data?

In this article I had included information about Data warehouse and operational data. Data warehouse is a repository of information gathered from multiple sources and stored at a single place. They are used to provide storage, functionality and responsiveness to queries. It is different from the operational data.

What is the Data Mining

This article includes the Data mining concept used to analyze the databases which are more complex to do from traditional ways. It can give answers for the complex questions and analysis the data in less time with efficiency.

Types, Sources, Method Of Collection And Use Of Data In Statistics

This article mentions the statistical methods can be applied to any type of enquiry when numerical facts to it are available. The numerical facts also called as statistical data is must in all types of statistical investigations. They can also be called as raw materials of these investigations. The methods that are to be employed for obtaining the required information from the units under investigation actually means collection of data.
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