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Democracy and Dictatorship

we find democracy and dictatorship has their short comings and defeats. Democracy through parliament always degenerates either into dictatorship or kingship. we must , therefore devise means to give our citizens a really free choice of vote on all important matters of the government. In this article I will explain about Democracy and Dictatorship.

Democracy at the Global level

This is a short article about Democracy and how it works at the global level. This article also contain some of international organisations such as IMF, word bank, etc. This article also contains information about voting rights of many countries for the IMF.

What is the role of political party in democracy?

In this article I have discussed the importance of formation of political party in a democratic system of Government along with special emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of the political parties and their leaders to build up bright and prosperous country.

Democracy – Meaning and Assumptions Or Values of Democracy

The word democracy is derived from two Greek words 'Demos' and 'Kratos' which means 'People' and 'Power'. Democracy is the popular way of life. It is the basic philosophy of life on the basis of which our nation exists and is to make progress

Education and Effective Democracy

Having an educated society is important for running a democratic system effectively. This article highlights that how education and democracy are related with each other.

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What is a sign for a good democracy?

What is democracy? You must have heard this word a no. of times. Lets discuss it here in this thread, what is democracy and what are signs of good democracy in a democratic country.
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