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Diamond: The Most Precious Creation

Gone are the days when the reach of diamond was limited to the higher strata of society. Today, the diamond has become the status symbol of every group of society. It is becoming a fashion statement. If you too have the desire to purchase the most precious and long lasting diamond, then remember to pay extreme caution while buying it. This article will suggest you the way out.

Rare diamonds in the world and age of diamond

Diamond is the only precious stone, which consists of only one element carbon. Are you fascinate about rare diamonds?. If yes, we have a list of some most beautiful rare diamonds, read rest of the resource for complete information.

Investing In Gold, Silver And Diamond

No doubt investing in gold and silver yields handsome dividends but observing some vigilance is essential before doing so lest you get duped. The taken place in the prices of these metals with the increase in times is amazing indeed! The article delves into this issue deeper for your information and needful.

How To Conduct A Diamond Jubilee Function?

In this resource, I have talked on conduct a diamond jubilee ceremony for a school. You have a format for the ceremony and also little description about the things. Read the article for more details.

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