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Ways to get rid of belly fat through diet: Part-2

This article explains various tips which help us to trim down belly fat easily and naturally. We need to eat healthy by including whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, Himalayan salts and all those foods which cut down belly fat in our diet plan.

Ways to get rid of belly fat through diet: Part-1

This article explains various tips and methods to trim down stubborn fat from the belly region. Cutting down calories, drinking enough amount of water and herbal teas, eating healthy fats and fulfilling daily vitamin requirements are some of the tips.

Diets to keep you cool in summer

The intolerability of the summer season is increasing tremendously and we almost seem helpless to counter its ill effects. Do not bother much as intaking an abundant amount of some specific foods can prove helpful. Here is a brief look.

Why you should go vegetarian

This article explains the reasons why we should go vegetarian. This article shouldn't even be here in the first place. Human bodies aren't designed by nature to eat meat. According to Swedish scientist Carl Von Linne (popularly known as Carl Linnaeus), "Man's structure, external and internal show that fruits and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food."

The diet for the diabetes

This article shares about the diet that are needed to perform the daily functions. This article has the information about the food items that are needed and the food items that should be avoided by diabetic persons. This serves as a good guide for diabetes.

Proper diet plan for new mothers

Here in this article I have given all the detailed information on why it is important for a mother to have a balanced diet and how one can maintain a proper diet without any hazards; for this I have given five ways and they are nnot to skip breakfast; drink healthy; being on food pyramid; don't avoid carbohydrates; avoid junk foods totally. I am sure that if you will follow this plan then you will never feel tired even when you are busy. Hope you enjoy reading it.

What are the basic principles of diet in relation to yoga and exercises?

It is essentially important to observe some rules in our dietary habits to reap the maximum advantage from doing yoga. This article discusses those rules. If with yoga, the corrective measures in dietary habits are not taken of, one cannot obtain good results out of practicing yogasanas.

Should you become a Vegan? Is Vegan diet healthy?

Vegan Diet, this is apparently a trending topic in the recent days. Many of us think that we should go vegan to overcome the extinguish of animal kingdom. But it is not the one lone factor to opt for being a vegan. We youth are reluctant to accept the fact that there are scientifically proven benefits in it when compared to western eating.

Career in Nutrition and Dietetics after class 12

Do you want to continue your career as a Dietitian or a Nutritionist? Are you searching for career opportunities in Nutrition and Dietetics? Have a look into this article and get more information on the career prospects of Nutritionist and Dietitian in India. The article also provides information regarding the courses, eligibility criteria and the colleges that offer different nutrition and dietetics courses in India.

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How to do GM diet plan for weight loss?

Planning to adopt an effective diet plan? Looking out for information about the GM diet plan? Here, on this page check out responses from those who have used the diet plan and really benefited from it.
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