Digital Marketing Training Institutes and Digital Marketing Courses

Are you looking for digital marketing training in your city? Or, want to learn digital marketing online? Learn more about various digital marketing couses.

Digital Marketing is a great career choice. With the Digital India initiative by the government and other progress in the digital arena, this has become a hot career option for the well-educated people.

In order to start a career in digital marketing, you need to learn digital marketing first. There are plenty of online and offline courses available in India. If you are looking for the best digital marketing training institutes or digital marketing courses, check out the articles below. We have provided comprehensive articles on how to become a digital marketing expert and jumpstart a career in this field.
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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 04 Apr 2023        
As more and more people are using internet for surfing, making purchases, and doing business related works it is obvious that digital marketing has got immense potential in coming times. Many companies are aggressively doing digital marketing for popularizing and advertising their products and services. In such a situation there will be good job opportunities for those people who have acquired certificate or diploma in digital marketing area. There are many good institutions which are offering digital marketing courses in our country and some of the leading ones are as follows.
1. UpGrad - It offers the course 'Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing' and Communication' and conducts live projects and periodic coaching by industry mentors.
2. NIDM (National Institute of Digital Marketing), Bangalore - It has a strong brand name and offers courses like Dynamic Digital Marketing, Hybrid Digital Marketing, and Advanced Digital Marketing. They have a good placement record also.
3. IIDE – The Digital School - It has courses relevant to industry. It offers courses like Advanced Course in Digital Marketing (4 months), MBA-Level Post Graduation in Digital Marketing (11 months), and Short Term Certificate Courses in Digital Marketing Niches (6-12 hours). They also claim 100% placement.
4. Freelancers Academy - It offers digital marketing course and it is taught by the industry experts. Students are given real time projects for practice and learning.
5. Optron Academy, Mumbai - It offers courses like Digital Marketing Foundation Course, 3 Months Digital Marketing Course, Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, and 12 Months Digital Marketing Course. They provide real time world assignments to the students and also give placement support.
Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 23 Apr 2023        

Digital Marketing and Analytics Courses

There are many institutes offering various courses in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is becoming more popular and social media and other sites are playing an important role in marketing and sales development. Traditional marketing methods are becoming outdated and new digital marketing strategies are gaining Importance. So professionals with skills in this field are getting better job opportunities, I feel.

There may be many courses. But the course offered by ISB Hyderabad titled Digital Marketing and Analytics is definitely one of the best courses, I feel. I have interacted with some marketing professionals very closely and I have seen a big difference in their working style and management style before and after doing this certification course.

India's no: 1 business school, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad is offering this certificate course in Digital Marketing and Analytics. ISB, Hyderabad is ranked 4th in Asia and No: 1 in India. This institute is ranked 23rd in the world by The Financial Times in 2021.

I had the fortune of having some association with this institute while I was on the board of a company as a director In Hyderabad. The faculty is world-class and they design general courses as well as customer-specific courses also. Their courses are user-friendly and address the needs of the market. I am giving the details of the above-mentioned course.

This is a certification course in Digital Marketing and Analytics. This is a three months online course offered by ISB in collaboration with Eruditus Executive Education. This course may require around 5 to 6 hours weekly.

The teaching will be in the form of Video lectures, assignments, flexible training, debrief sessions and follow-ups. After successfully completing the course with a 70% score, the candidate will be offered a certificate from ISB Hyderabad.

The fee for this course is Rs.1,08.000/- and the candidate can pay the fees in instalments also. This course curriculum is made keeping the requirements of the industry in focus. The candidates will be presented with real-time case studies from industries across the world. The candidates can use their learnings from these case studies in their work environment. The practical exercises will make the candidates understand the present environment in digital marketing. The course will allow the candidates to acquire the skills that are required to analyse the data available, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Any graduate or diploma holder can join this online course. This course will be beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to understand ways to expand their businesses using digital marketing techniques. Middle management staff and senior management staff can also opt for this course to understand and practice the best digital marketing platforms and tools to improve their product sales. Junior sales executives can also do this course to upgrade their skills for a prosperous career

To know more about the course and admission details the candidates can visit
ISB, Hyderabad.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
I first heard about the phenomenon of Digital Marketing through a mutual friend. At that time I was unable to talk more about it to them. I completely forgot about it until later I got a call back from a Digital Marketing firm to where I applied. From personal research as well as my contacts, I came to realize that it is hard to find a quality Digital Marketing training institute and the only way to learn is by either learning yourself and then getting job experience. That is when I came to know about SpiderWorks.

A Digital Marketing Agency located in Kakkanad, Kerala, SpiderWorks has been in this field for at least 17-18 years, led by their founder and leader Mr Tony John. Through more research, I came to learn that SpiderWorks has a wide network of services they provide with a great team equal to a world-class experience.

I would anyone I know to get in contact with Mr Tony John or email SpiderWorks if you are seriously interested to learn more about the field of Digital Marketing, at the same time initiate and establish a great career. I wish you all the best!

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