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How Difficult Is It To Curb Domestic Violence?

This is a discussion on the burning issue of the domestic violence hanging fire over the society of the day which we call so boastfully as ultra modern. Merely being aware of the related laws pertaining to deal with domestic violence is not at all going to restrain the scourge. Unless males sets do change, it would be difficult to stem the menace of domestic violence.

Women empowerment and domestic violence

It's all in the sun of her smile, the sparkling in her eyes. She is strong, bold and unabashed. She is the pillar of strength to her husband, and alma mater to her children. After all, she is a woman. This article focuses on the hardships of an Indian woman, Shanti who struggles to make the difference. There is a hop in her steps and she wins.

The journey of Indian women through oppression

This article deals with the plight of Indian women, who in the 65th year of Indian independence are yet to breathe in the air of freedom from the social norms and beliefs that refrain them from enjoying an equal status with men

What to do to support someone experiencing domestic violence ?

Physical, mental and emotional cruelty is dealt as domestic violence under the IPC. What can you do to help someone who is in a bad marriage? How can you stand by a woman in an abusive relationship? Check out this article to know how can you lend support to a victim of domestic violence

What to do in case of domestic violence ?

What to do if you are in an abusive relationship? How do you get help if you are a victim of domestic violence? Know your rights as a woman and the laws that protect you against dowry harassment, cruelty, physical abuse and mental and emotional torture.

How Domestic Violence Is Encouraged

Domestic violence is heinous who indulges into it and one who is victim are equally responsible for this.Some serious steps should be taken to curb it. Women has to learn to value themselves and should take steps regarding it. Change can be permanent only if we need it. women should stand up against this and raise their voice against it.

Scopes for misuse of Domestic Violence Act 2005

This Article throws a significant light on the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act enacted in the year 2005 and its fundamental drawbacks due to which the law has been misused by the women against innocent men and is causing a sheer injustice in the eyes of law. The purpose with which it was enacted has been completely lost.

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