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Zebra A Beautiful Animal On The Earth

Zebra with black and white stripes on their body makes them more special and unique. Particularly, the children enjoys the beauty of zebra. Their nomadic way of life style and living in a group seems to be very peculiar of this type. Human beings are the great threat for their survival on the earth.

How far our metropolitan cities are safe from Tsunami and earthquakes?

The natural disaster in the name of earthquake and Tsunami which happened in Japan recently has to open eyes of few countries particularly for India as either the preparation or the technical knowledge is lackluster. The main metro cities in India are more prone to such type of calamities, handling such situations to save the human life is a million dollar question.

Most disastrous earthquakes in India

India has had its fair share of devastating earthquakes and the resource tells all that had occurred during these destructive moments. Here is list of the most disastrous earthquakes that occurred in India over the years.

How The Earthquake In Japan Shortened Day Span

The massive earthquake in Japan on 11 march has badly effected the earth climate as well as the span of day. According to the reports the day has shortened by 1.8 microseconds and there has been a change in mass distribution of Earth resulting in altered position of axis of rotation.

How to protect yourself during earthquakes and other disasters

One should be ready for the disasters, man-made or natural as one cannot foretell their occurrence. We cannot prevent them but at least take some steps to reduce our vulnerability to them so that loss is minimum. I have tried to list some of the basic safety measured that can be taken and are easy to follow during an earthquake, tsunami, fire; radiation leakage and other disasters.

Global Warming - Destroying Earth

This resource is about Global Warming, its causes, its effects and its prevention. Man in his zeal to discover things has also created many that have become a threat to his own existence.

Mudumalai National Park - A Heaven on the Earth

The Mudumalai National Park is situated at the foothills of the famous Nilgiri hills the literal meaning is Blue mountains, which also a tiger reserve and said to the first wild life sanctuary established in southern India.

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