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Anthropogenic factors on Environment deterioration

The given article gives you an insight into the horrendous amount of damage done by human activities to our mother Nature which is severely depressing to see and something we immediately must act upon. Take this as my appeal to all of you to help do your bit and contribute towards making this earth safe and happy back again!

Applications open for AI/ML in Earth Sciences by Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), GoI

If you want to extend your research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can go for this programme offered by Ministry of Earth Science, Government of India. MoES is calling the proposals from eligible and interested candidates to promote the research in Earth Science by using AI/ML. To know more details, please go through this complete article.

How to celebrate Earth Day during the lockdown period

Do you love Mother Earth? Are you worried about the protection of Mother Earth? Earth Day is coming and will be celebrated on 22nd April. But if you are out of ideas for celebration of Earth Day due to lockdown, then read this article to know the simple but useful tips by which you can celebrate this day at your home.

Origin of life on Earth - the different theories

This article deals with the mystery of the origin of life. If you want to know how life originated on Earth, please read this article. You will find some interesting theories that were provided to explain the origin of life on Earth.

Earth2Orbit – The first private space start-up in India

Ever heard of Earth2Orbit? Ever imagined seeing an Indian private company in the field of space? Earth2Orbit, the first space-based Indian company started by Dr Susmita Mohanty, a woman space enthusiast cum entrepreneur aiming to revolutionize the space industry in the country. Learn here all about the venture and its founder CEO.

How to save Mother Earth - it is the necessity of the day

Earth is the only planet known to mankind where human beings are existing. The earth is giving us the required natural resources which are essential for our living. Once the earth is not having those resources, mankind cannot live here. So it is our responsibility to protect the earth. Various issues we should take care of to protect this planet are discussed in this article.

Discovery of water vapour outside Earth

It is the human being's anxiety to know and find if life existing outside the Earth. There are many theories and stories about this subject. We have many movies and television series on this which people from all over the world watched with much enthusiasm. There is a new development about this and you can read it in this article.

Patriarchy is not restricted to Earth alone

This poem narrates the tale of Medusa, a popular legendary Greek monster that turned people who looked into its eyes into stone. She was a chief priestess of Athena who got ravaged by the god Poseidon. The tragic tale reminds us of the present day judiciary system that exonerates the assailant and victimizes the victim.

Singalila National Park: A small heaven on earth

Singalila National Park is located in the Eastern Himalaya and it is the highest National Park in West Bengal. It presents exotic plants and rare animals. The interested tourists, trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts can visit this Park for refreshing themselves. Read to know the details.

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