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Role Of Non Formal Education In India

In the article ,I am discussing about the classification of Indian education .Indian education can be classified into two categories-(a) Formal and (b)Non formal education. Both categories of education are important for our country because they are made for each others.

Computer education in Indian schools

This article deals with the computer education in schools. Teaching through computers is used in many schools of India these days. The computers can be effectively used as a media of teaching starting from the kindergarten classes onwards. The modern technology of teaching through computers is mainly limited to some privately run schools in the cities. The revolution in computer education will not be complete unless computers are made accessible to each and every student of village schools in India.

What Is Home Schooling Education In India

What exactly is home schooling in India about? What is home schooling like? What is the curriculum required for home schooling a child in India? What are the resources required for home schooling in India? This article answers these queries by giving information about the process of home schooling in India, relation of home schooling to National Institute of Open Schooling India, and also lists the advantages and benefits of home schooling.

Higher education in India – Future of arts and science

In this article we are going to see the importance of arts and science courses in higher education. In India professional courses seem to be the only courses suitable for higher education by many students and parents. This article explains the current trend and how we can make changes for a better future in the field of education.

Flaws in India's basic education system

The basic education in India is an area we need to look at, with grave conscience. This article is all about explaining that education in not all about imparting bookish knowledge. This article also explains the need of innovation, and why India's education system needs resurrection.

Career in Fire Service and Fire Engineering Education in India

Fire Service is one of the most important department of any country which is also considered as emergency service. The common faqs and related informations regarding fire engineering education in India and the possible scopes and job opportunities in fire service is discussed in this article.

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What do you think about Sex Education in India?

Sex education is still considered to be a taboo in many parts of the country. But, awaken by the rise in sexual atrocities, the authorities have now started emphasizing on the importance of sex education in schools. Do you have an opinion on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India? Join this discussion and give your opinion/ views on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India. Please keep the posting guidelines in mind while drafting your responses.

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