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Social Media: The Changing Face of the Education in India

This article is about the rise and rise of social media due to recent spurt of disruptions in the mobile technology along with the changing mindset of people that education is just limited to the textbooks of eighties of last centuries. For instance the edutech channels on youtube and websites etc. are booming leaps and bound. Till sometimes past these channels were more or less synonymous to the social media. Does it has a warning sign for education? Will it lead to betterment of knowledge economy?

How to get right education loan at right time

Whether you buy a car, house, consumer durable or aim to pursue higher studies, loans are very common now a days.With increase in fees of education, more and more people are opting for education loan and banks/FIs are offering education loans at affordable rate of interest and simplified procedure.Education loan schemes are designed to provide financial aid to students who wish to study further.

How to become a veterinary doctor in India

Although Veterinary Science has many lucrative prospects, it is still not popular among students in India. Veterinary doctors can work in zoos, pharmaceutical research laboratories, veterinary hospitals, universities and in defence services. They can also work in big poultries and dairies. In this article, the author discusses the course, career prospects and various pros and cons of the profession.

Distance Education in India – what you need to know

Education through distance mode has come to be accepted. And with more and more universities offering educational programmes through distance learning modules many people are looking at distance learning as a viable option. Here's a look at the pros and cons of distance education and the best institutions to study MBA and PGDBA.

Three CBSE schools of Purulia District, West Bengal

Most of the schools of Purulia District of West Bengal are affiliated to West Bengal Board. However, there are some schools which are affiliated to CBSE. This article provides details of three such schools. Hope this will benefit the interested students and their guardians of the District.

Why student enrollment in government schools is decreasing

This article is an essay on the reasons for decreasing student enrollment in government schools. It discusses how the entire system of education collapses & fails to produce results and how private schools prove themselves better as compared to government schools. All possible reasons for this issue are debated honestly to understand what are the main causes of a decrease in student enrollment in government schools.

Architecture Education in India: Changes and Scope

As part of the globalization process, India has witnessed a flood of developmental activities in recent years. With an ever-increasing number of people moving to urban centres, there has been an increase in construction projects. India, a developing economy, is likely to have a population of 1.5 billion by 2030. Managing the growth of urban cities and other development projects may become a challenging task in future.

Make a Experience in e-learning Education in India

The internet has connected the world. It has brought a new revolution in the education sector by allowing people to learn from home. It has made higher studies cost effective. Today, most top universities of the world have started online education facility.

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What do you think about Sex Education in India?

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