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Education System In India- Features And Drawbacks

In this article the features of prevailing system of education in India is discussed. Though this we are able to understand the flaws in the current system and new steps can be taken into account when it comes to improve it.Through this article we can know what are the needs of education and the prevailing system of education will be more clear. The points provided can act as guidelines for amendments to improve the current systems and provide an idol system for all.

What and where should I study?

This is the season for college admissions, and school leavers have had difficulty obtaining information on what to study and where to go for their higher education. Because public institutions have limited seats and cannot accept all school leavers, I provide the choice of the top 10 universities judged to be universities with diverse fields of study based on the 2020 NIRF Ranking.

How do you pick an institution that will help you acquire a job?

Choosing a college for your studies is one of the most essential decisions you'll ever make, as you've undoubtedly heard many times. This is, by the way, right. Regardless of the institution you attend, it should have a long-term influence on your career and should worth it for the money spent. This post gives you the opportunity to choose an appropriate institution to study if you so desire.

What is the study of Electrical Power System Engineering?

Whether you are currently furthering your education or considering pursuing a postgraduate degree in the Engineering field, your job prospects after you complete your studies may be a major concern for you. If you're looking for a postgraduate degree with great job opportunities, this article will point you in the correct direction.

Keen on doing PhD? Key points to guide you.

What makes you want to get a PhD? Is it because you want to be an academic, an innovator, or a man with name and fame? This article will direct you how to get what you want in a timely and cost-effective way.

How to improve curricula to enhance academic standards

The students' knowledge gained and their understanding capability developed have been the datum to evaluate the value of education provided. In this article, I propose an operable approach for higher educational institutions to accommodate changes in educational curriculum and enhance academic standards in order to better serve society.

How traditional education gave birth to outcome based education

Once upon a time, the conventional education system was at the heart of the nation's growth. We are now pursuing outcome-based education in its place. Only when we know the reason for such a transition, we can measure the outcome of the new system. In this post, I will discuss the major causes behind the traditional education system's demise.

Tamil Nadu: the Mecca for Distance Education in India -3

This is the third and final article in the series of three articles on the variety of distance courses available in the various Tamil Nadu Universities. In this article, we will discuss the various courses offered by the two State Universities - the Periyar University, Salem, and the Manonmaniyam Sundanar University at Tirunelveli and the SRM private University at Chennai.

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What do you think about Sex Education in India?

Sex education is still considered to be a taboo in many parts of the country. But, awaken by the rise in sexual atrocities, the authorities have now started emphasizing on the importance of sex education in schools. Do you have an opinion on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India? Join this discussion and give your opinion/ views on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India. Please keep the posting guidelines in mind while drafting your responses.

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