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2014 India Lok Sabha Elections voting dates State and city schedule

Do you wish to know when the 2014 Lok Sabha polls will be held in India? This article provides information on the State-wise and Parliamentary constituency-wise election schedule of the India Assembly Polls 2014. Dates of last date to file nomination papers of candidates in each constituency is also given in this article.

Learning lessons from the just concluded Assembly elections

In this article I am presenting an analysis of the failure of political parties which went in to the polls in the just concluded elections of MP, Rajasthan, Delhi Chatisgarh and Mizoram. The political parties always mistook the pulse of voters in wrong way and take them granted to be with them seeing their turnout in the elections rally, but in reality it is not.

Schedule for New Delhi Madyapradesh Rajasthan Chhattisgarh & Mizoram states Assembly elections 2013

Election Commission of India has announced the schedule for assembly elections fl New Delhi Madyapradesh Rajasthan Chhattisgarh and Mizoram states. These five states assembly elections have much importance ahead of next year's general elections; here in this article you will get the details polling dates of each state along with the counting date winning chances of Congress and BJP. For the very first time, voters will have NOTA button in EVMs for rejecting the contesting candidates.

Elections are not won on government schemes alone

No any political party in power could be defeated had it been possible to win elections with the help of government plans and projects. This article stresses elections are not fought by governments but by parties. The article further adds that the time of elections are like a double edged sword for the parties in power. Manmohan Singh, instead of bailing out his party has further sunk it deep down the ocean.

Elections of Lok Sabha via social media

Social media is a new platform for the political parties to fight on and influence the people of their countries. In 2014 election of Lok Sabha, the Indian political parties are correcting using this tool to gain popularity and win over the youth. This article focuses on how social media will play a role during these elections.

Social media moulding Elections 2014

If you thought that social networking websites were meant for sharing status and pictures, think again! In an anticipation to get the votes of Young India, the parties are getting into digital canvassing for the 2014 general elections.

Details of Karnataka state Assembly general elections poll results 2013

Are you searching for the details of Karnataka State Assembly elections poll results? This article covers the details of poll results of Karnataka Assembly elections commenced in year 2013 like the number of seats won by various political parties along with the fate of big leaders, celebrities and names of leaders having the chances of becoming next Chief Minister. Go through the article to get the latest updates about the election results and political party going to form the government.

Schedule for Karnataka State Assembly elections 2013

Are you looking for the details of the schedule of Karnataka State Assembly Elections 2013 released by the Chief Election Commissioner of India Sampath? Go through this article and know the important information regarding the Karnataka Assembly elections like dates of notification announcement, last date for nominations, voting and counting.

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