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Steam Turbines

A steam turbine is rotary machine which is designed to convert the energy of high pressure and high temperature steam into mechanical power.The operation of steam turbine wholly depends upon the dyanamic action of the steam.

Why is per capita electricity consumption in India so shocking?

Most of us heard about electricity shock, probably might have not experienced. Now, all of us are shocking and shaking on hearing the news that India's per capita electricity consumption stays among the least in the world. This post explores the probable reasons for it.

Drying out of power transformers

By the process of Transformer oil filtration we remove the sludge and moisture in the transformer oil, but we can not remove the moisture present in the transformer winding. For removing the moisture present in the transformer winding transformer drying out is necessary

Voltage rating of SCR

This article describes about the voltage rating of SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) as a measure of maximum voltage.
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