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University of Petroleum and Energy Studies announces Admissions 2012

In this resource we have information related to the admission notification by the famous university for petroleum studies that is UPES, located in the outskirt of Dehradun. The university has now expanded the education courses, and also has new engineering courses ranging from technical ones, like Computer Engineering in collaboration with IBM to the Fire and safety domains as well.

Simple ways to be happy

Summary: You can learn some simple to be happy by not making comparison with anyone, being happy with whatever you have and enjoying things that you have, understanding philosophy, high thinking, idolizing someone and being simple. Many people are not easily happy because everybody is not lucky to become rich.

How To Know Good or Bad Omen From Vastu Shastra?

In today’s times, people’s inclination has enormously d towards vastu -shastra. The greatest proof of this fact is evident in every home. Vastu shastra converts homes into peaceful, well cultured and well decorated attire. This tends to lead every members of family towards a balanced, cheerful and prosperous path. This commentary is giving knowledge of this subject below.

Important energy sources in India

Are you looking for various benergy sources in India? In this article, I am going to explain the available energy sources in India. It is important to all of us to know about our country resources. After reading this article, you can able to have knowledge in energy sources and able to have good idea of using this source economically. Read below to grab it.

Prime movers and various sources of energy

This article provides the basic information about the various types of prime movers which are used to produce the mechanical power in our day to day life. It also includes the different sources of energy used by prime movers.

Muscle energy technique (MET): Principles and Uses

Muscle energy technique which is developed by Dr. Fred Mitchel works on muscle contraction followed by relaxation. This method can be applied to any muscular condition and very famous in western countries. This treatment is given by physiotherapists who are well trained. This article gives you full information about types, physiological basis, conditions treated, and contraindication of the same.

Govt. BEE certified Energy Managers and Auditors National Certification Exams 2021

Want to know how to become a Government-certified Energy Manager or an Energy Auditor? Looking for the schedule of the Government of India's National Certification Examination (NCE) of 2021? This article provides the dates of the NCE conducted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and complete information on the eligibility requirements to become an Energy Manager and Energy Auditor through the CEM and CEA exams. Details of the online registration and application process have also been provided.

National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) Internship programme for UG/PG Students

Are you searching for internship opportunities in the field of renewable energy? Do you wish to do an internship in Chennai? National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) is providing internship opportunities for the Science, Engineering and Management Students. Read this article and get the details like eligibility criteria, selection process and application procedures of NIWE, Chennai.

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How windmills generate electricity / energy

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How to save more energy at home?

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