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Prime movers and various sources of energy

This article provides the basic information about the various types of prime movers which are used to produce the mechanical power in our day to day life. It also includes the different sources of energy used by prime movers.

Important energy sources in India

Are you looking for various benergy sources in India? In this article, I am going to explain the available energy sources in India. It is important to all of us to know about our country resources. After reading this article, you can able to have knowledge in energy sources and able to have good idea of using this source economically. Read below to grab it.

Why is per capita electricity consumption in India so shocking?

Most of us heard about electricity shock, probably might have not experienced. Now, all of us are shocking and shaking on hearing the news that India's per capita electricity consumption stays among the least in the world. This post explores the probable reasons for it.

Non-conventional energy: How do the solar plants and the windmills function?

Non-conventional energy would be the future answer to the energy requirement all over the world due to almost zero pollution, cost-effectiveness and abundant availability of energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy are three important non-conventional energies. This article discusses how the solar power plant and the wind mill function.

Alternative energy sources as replacements to fossil fuels

The following article analyzes the need for finding proper replacements of fossil fuels to satisfy our energy needs. It also discusses the various options we have as far as alternative energy sources are concerned, and also the pros and cons to be considered before using them. All the analysis has been done keeping in mind the energy situation of India.

Alternative fuel : future energy source 2011

Today in the times of petroleum crisis due to political and natural reasons there is an immediate need to look out for alternative fuels. As the world population is increasing day by day so are the needs of people and dependency on energy sources as we are embracing new technologies everyday. Monopoly of petroleum producing countries and internal disturbances in most of these nations are pushing up crude oil prices. Let us look at and ponder over the options.

Alternatives To Petroleum - Renewable Fuels And Sustainable Energy Sources

This article for the resource contest discusses the problems of petroleum usage and the need for alternatives to petroleum. It also informs readers of 14 alternatives to petroleum and other fossil fuels including 9 alternative fuels (like hydrogen fuel and renewable fuels or biofuels) and 5 renewable and sustainable energy sources.
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