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Essay Competition Conducted By Ministry Of Home Affairs India

This article has the details about the essay competition organized by LNJN National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science. This an annual essay competition with good cash credit for the department of Criminology and Forensic Science. Read article for more details.

Charles Bacon’s contribution to English Prose

Charles Bacon was a pioneer in the venture for means to unify learning; gave English lucid, straight forward English literature; the kind of diction which could serve as a vehicle for all kinds of subjects, both grave and trivial, high and low. He fashioned a distinct and individual prose credo that rebelled against the highly ornamented Ciceronian prose style and set a standard of precision and simplicity with an intellectual quality rather than emotional.

Think, feel and live for others

Ever thought of the idea, "thinking, feeling and living for others"? What about sharing your joy, ideas, what about sharing what you are feeling towards the well-being of the people who lie in the lower strata of the society. Have you ever thought how much smile it would bring to their face if you smile at them, ever thought about sharing a small portion of your happiness with them? If not , then start thinking, don't have to share anything, just think about this , and see how much joy it gives you.

5 things to consider in an Undergraduate application essay to study abroad

Want to know what is an application essay for admissions to study abroad? An application essay is the window to your personality in the college admissions process. There are scores of applications out there and the essay just might make the difference. The best colleges look at a well grounded personality while deciding on the student and the application essay for your undergraduate studies might tip the balance.

Chaucer's Ecclesiastical Characters

Are you looking for the Ecclesiastical characteristics of Chaucer in the writings of Shakespeare? Check out this article to know more about it.

Shakespeare's Beast Imagery

Are you looking for the Beast imagery by Shakespeare? Check out to know about the distinguishing elements of King Lear in its animal imagery.

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Writing a good essay and summarising topics efectively

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Tips for encouragement to kids to reach their goal

Do you want to know how to motivate kids to take up a career for becoming a space scientist? Looking out for detailed information regarding coaching, classes, exams, books etc which can help in achieving the goal? No worries, here you can scroll through the suggestions from experts for your questions.

Regarding official language in SBI clerk selection

Confused about the official language required for SBI clerk selection process? Searching for information regarding language proficiency needed and the need to give LPT exam? Find responses and advice from ISC experts on this page.

How to write a Thesis statement

Are you under pressure to write a thesis statement? Confused about the best writing service available online? Check out this page for response to your queries.
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