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MBA deadlines around the world 2022

Do you plan to apply for an MBA at prestigious foreign institutions? You need to be aware of the deadlines if you wish to apply. It's not too late to submit an application for top MBA programs. Read more to find out when the top MBA programs around the globe accept applications.

Executive MBA programme 2022 at Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi

Are you a working professional looking for opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of management? Searching for MBA programmes that you may undertake part-time? Learn about the Executive MBA programme in Technology Management, its fees and course details offered by the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.

Applications open for Revolving Scholarship Bachelor at Nyenrode Business University Netherlands

Are you studying in the Bachelor's Degree program (BScBA) at Nyenrode Business University or planning to join and looking for a scholarship? Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands has invited applications from eligible students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program with them. To learn more about the scholarship program, eligibility criteria, application procedure, etc. read this article.

Strategic Inflection Points in the Higher Education System in India

According to Andy Grove, the co-founder of Intel, the USA MNC giant, a strategic inflection point "is an event that changes the way we think and act". There have been some good strategic inflection points in the higher education system in India as well. This article is an attempt to discuss these strategic inflection points in some detail.

What you do is as important as what you know in your career

Those who know are always powerful. That is, they possess a fountainhead of knowledge that enables them to take on the best challenges in the world. However, it is vital that they do the right things in their careers and lives. Some nuances of such tasks are sought to be discussed in this article.

INSEAD - Upcoming programmes for 2020

Are you looking for educational opportunities in overseas? Want to graduate from a reputed business school? Do you want to know more about the online programs offered by top-rated business schools? INSEAD will be the best option for you. Keep reading to find out more about one of the best business schools around the world.

How to be street-smart in being ahead of learning curves

Being street-smart is not only applicable to entrepreneurs. It is also applicable to professionals. From sheer common sense to applying thought to any situation, professionals do stand out. They implement strategies and are ahead of the learning curves in their professional domains. This article deals with certain aspects of such street-smart moves.

Advantages and disadvantages of highly focussed companies

The highly focused companies have advantages like core competency building, undivided attention of owner-managers and the ability to easily go global. The disadvantages stem from too much reliance on a single category and the danger of Senior Management getting stuck with repetitive roles and tasks. Certain dimensions of these advantages and disadvantages are explained here in detail.

How to develop enthusiastic urge to Excel in life

We often meet so many persons who are self-motivated. Irrespective of whatever happens around them, they keep on perfecting the tasks that they do. Their missionary zeal is often combined with fire-in-their bellies and they have an insatiable thirst to excel. They keep on going from strength to strength. Certain imperative steps to develop the limitless urge to excel is sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

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Usefullness of BBA in respect of job opportunity

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