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God's Own Country's 'Onam'

Keralites, round the globe, celebrated the festival of Onam on 7th September 2014, in thier own ways. Do you all know, what is Onam, and how is it celebrated? If, your answer is "NO", read this article, which is all about, the national festival of Kerala - Onam. This short article, covers the epic story behind this festival and other various accepts of Onam like games, flower carpets, Onam meals, Onam clothes and Onam dances are further discussed, here.

What is Makar Sankranti festival and how it is celebrated in Gujarat

Makara Sankranti (also known as Maghi) is a Hindu festival devoted to Surya (sun), celebrated on the 14th of January every year. This article explains how the people of Gujarat celebrate Makara Sankranti and gives information on the special Uttarayan recipes of Gujarat, as also details of the international kite festival celebrated in Gujarat.

Onam – Festival of harvest, unity and prosperity of Keralite/Malayalees.

Onam a festival celebrated in God's own country – Kerala. It marks the beginning of the new year, bringing together people of all religion. The entire Kerala state celebrate it with great enthusiasm and intensity. This article will give you a peep into the festival, its saga and about people's participation.

Online tickets for CR Mumbai-Panvel-Pernem-Sawantwadi 2019 Ganapati Festival Special Trains

Want to know the schedule of and the online ticket booking procedure for Central Railway trains for June to September 2019 between Mumbai and Sawantwadi, Ratnagiri and Pernem? This article provides a complete list of all the CR trains between Mumbai and Panvel, Pernem, Sawantwadi and Ratnagiri 2019 Ganapati Festival Special Trains as well as where to book online and offline the tickets for these trains.

The beauty of Bohaag Bihu festival Assam

This month, Assam will celebrate the festival which is considered by many to be the most powerful symbol of Assamese culture. The season of spring will be celebrated with energetic songs and dances. Read this article to know more about the significance, history, and evolution of this festival.

Nagaland Festival of festivals-Hornbill

Want to know the significance of the Hornbill festival & what are its unique features? This article provides details about the diverse yet unified celebration of the people of Nagaland, called the Hornbill Festival, also popularly known as the Festival Of Festivals.

Online booking for Western Railway Christmas Festival Special Trains 2017-2018

Planning to travel this Christmas to Ajmer or Mangalore? Want to book Western Railway tickets online? This article gives details of the list of Western Railway special trains between Mumbai and Ajmer and between Ahmedabad and Mangalore. Know the train schedule with departure and arrival times and where to book your tickets online.

Online tickets booking for Eastern Railway special trains during 2017 Durga Puja & Diwali Festival

Want to reserve Eastern Railway tickets online for special trains during the Puja-2017? This article provides details of the list of Eastern Railway trains between Kolkata and Puri, Howrah and Raxual, Raxual and Asansol, Malda and Haridwar, Sealdah and Anand Vihar, Kolkata and Chhapra, Chhapra and Asansol, Patna Jn. and Asansol and between Lucknow and Kolkata scheduled from September to October 2017. It also tells about the train numbers, departure and arrival times schedules, how to book online ticket etc.

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