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How to make your financial planning a simple process

Let me explain that finacial planning is managing your cash inflows to match your cash outflows at various stages of your life or vice versa. The crux of finacial planning lies in controlling or regulating your cash flows. Here are some simple tips to understand and regulate the cash flows.

Ten mistakes one should avoid during financial planning

Have you set your financial milestones of life and have just started planning for their achievement? This article highlights the mistakes that need to be avoided during the process of financial planning so as to enable successful achievement of life goals.

How can financial planning help in achievement of life goals

How to plan for the future? This is a major problem for many people around the world. A person might have multiple financial goals in life which need systematic planning at a very early stage of life. Proper money management and planned allocation of funds in various financial instruments is an important aspect of financial planning. Let's discuss the role of financial planning in achievement of life goals, importance of asset allocation and need for review on a periodical basis in this article

5 investment mistakes to avoid in 2017

Want to know what investment mistakes to avoid in 2017? Looking for best tips on financial planning for 2017? Many of us have taken various resolutions for this year. Let us also take a resolution not to commit mistakes which would hamper our wealth creation. This article discusses five such mistakes which are to be avoided as well as a few useful tips on planning your finances wisely.

Five financial tasks to do at the beginning of new financial year

The new financial year has started. The financial experts stress upon the need to start financial planning and tax planning at the beginning of the financial year itself. Read the article to know the five essential steps to be taken at the beginning of the financial year.

Taking personal loan? Don't make these five mistakes

Personal loans are sanctioned by the banks with minimum paperwork and without any collateral. But, don't fall in the debt-trap. Avoid this loan, remember the high rate of interest. However, if you have to take personal loan, avoid the mistakes. Read this article.

The newlyweds could live happily with financial planning

The newly married couples should try to read each other’s thoughts about savings and investments and accordingly prepare the sketch for their future financial security if they intend to spend the evening of their life with dignity. There is going to be a big change in the life insurance sector. Only the new life insurance policies could be sold out now according to the IRDA’s latest directives.

Financial Planning: Secured ways to Invest in Post Office schemes and products

Looking for safe long term investment options? Want to know some good retirement investment options and plans? Wondering how to invest in post office schemes? There are variety of secured Post Office investment options like PPF, Recurring deposit, Monthly Income Scheme, Senior Citizen's Savings Scheme, etc. Investing in Indian Post Office products is a safe bet. In this article, you will find a variety of investment products and services offered by Post Office of India.

Financial Planning For Home Loans

A lot of youngsters have started earning good salary today. Out of these a number of people are either single or newly married and they don't have much responsibilities. They have a good amount saved. But unfortunately the amount is spent in shopping and other unnecessary things. A better option would be take a home loan and spend the amount in repayment. One would have a permanent roof above one's head. In this article I will talk about financial planning for the purchase of a home.

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