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Know how to organize your finances in the new financial year

The new financial year has started on 1st April. It's high time to review the performance of your existing investments. It is appropriate time to decide new investment, insurance, tax saving, NPS and loan servicing. Do it at the beginning of the year, instead of waiting for the last moment. Decide logically without any undue influence and reap optimum benefit.

Five financial tasks to do at the beginning of new financial year

The new financial year has started. The financial experts stress upon the need to start financial planning and tax planning at the beginning of the financial year itself. Read the article to know the five essential steps to be taken at the beginning of the financial year.

Availing tax-saving deductions on home loans for financial year 2013-14

Do you wish to save tax on your housing loan? Want to know about different tax-saving options for a home loan? Is it possible to save tax on pre-EMI interest payment? Does a joint home loan offer double tax saving benefits? Is unlimited tax deduction on interest of second home loan available? Please read further to get all answers for your home loan tax saving queries.

How To Calculate The Gpf Net Balance For A Financial Year

If a tiny error creeps into your annual GPF balance sheet it may make you lose big money due to the miraculous effect of compounding. So rather be alert now than regret later. Read this article to know the underlying details of GPF interest calculation.

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