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Basic First Aid

Every year many accidents occur. With some care, they can be prevented. In case of an accident, you can be able to help yourself if you know Basic First Aid. Do not move the casualty unnecessarily. Keep him warm. Remember the ABC of first aid. See if his airways are clear, that he is breathing, and his blood circulation is proper.

Emergency First Aid

When first that is properly devastated, it can often restore natural breathing and circulation, controlled bleeding, reduce the sanity of shock, protect injuries from infections are other competitions, and help conserve the victim's strength. If prompt steps taken and medical aid is obtained, the victim's chances of recovery greatly improved.

Basic First Aid

Every person should be trained to give first aid. You will be a help to others and save many lives if you know how to give first aid.

Golden Rules of First Aid

This article describes about the most important golden rules of first aid. Read this article to know about what to do and what is required in your first aid kit.

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