For a person who has fairly good knowledge of English, which language is easier to learn: French or Spanish?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 03 Sep 2023        
Learning a foreign language is good for any student who wants to go abroad and study. But One should select a language that will be useful to the individual in his studies that are being planned abroad. One should select a language that is useful, I feel, rather than thinking about the easiness of the subject.

Every subject will have both advantages and disadvantages. I have discussed this with some people who have knowledge of both languages. If you want to settle in France, you should learn French, I suggest. If you want to go to Spain for your higher studies, you should go for Spanish. But if you want only to learn more languages you can go for an easy one.

The following are some of the points I collected from the discussion I had with some people who have knowledge of both languages.

1. A person who is good at English can pronounce Spanish easily. The French is a little difficult when compared to the Spanish.

2. Spanish grammar is difficult when compared to French.

3. French words are similar to English words but Spanish words are different.

4. The grammar rules of these two languages are different from that of English.

5. The past tense rules are difficult in both languages.

It is not easy to say a particular language is easy. Individual interests and necessities will be taken as the basis for selection, in my opinion.
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